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New BombTech Golf Driver Review

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Hey what is going on everybody Cody with View Golf and today we have got a product review for you. We have the new BombTech Golf Grenade 2 driver.

First thing is it is more aerodynamic, so you are going to get a little more swing speed and that was proven in the wind tunnel by University of Vermont students. Which is pretty cool, I like that fact that they had some really credible non-biased people run that test in the wind tunnel, I think that is really, really cool.

Now on the look side of things it’s pretty simple and that is something that I like. You get that stainless-steel sole, you get nothing to excessive on the button of the club. You get the loft, you get the name of the club, the size of the club, and the brand of the club. That’s as simple as it possibly gets. On the crown you do get a little Grenade 2 branding, the backwards “R” kind of weird looks like maybe a third grader writing in crayon for dad in a Christmas card and wants to be cute and puts the “R” backwards. Also the “N” backwards kind of funky, kind of a fun house effect on the name of the club. I guess that is kind of what you are getting with this brand, they are brash and different, you know you get the lime green shaft and lime green accents.

You get these two little craters in the back of the club. I am sure you know what that is going to do they can take the weight out from there and put it further forward in the face. You are going to get that lower spin, higher launch, all those great things that we like to see.

Now on the face we have more lime green accents, you can kind of see a theme going on with this Grenade 2 driver here. We have the lime green grooves that frames the sweet spot very nicely. Then we have the crown of the club which I have already mentioned we have the Grenade 2 branding with the backwards “N” and backwards “R” and I guess the “A” could be backwards too we just don’t know. Anyway, we have the matte black top which I actually like, I think it’s really cool. It is not going to show any finger prints or stuff like that. There is no adjustable loft on the Grenade 2, you can get it in a 9 degree or 10.5 degrees, whatever you want. Bunch of different shaft options senior flex, regular flex, stiff flex, X-flex. Whatever it is that you want you get this Grenade 2 branded golf shaft with which is pretty cool.

Another thing that I noticed which is nice attention to detail by BombTech is on the grip you get that BombTech logo which is pretty cool. Also on the top of the club you get this grenade on the butt end of the club which I think is one of the coolest things I have seen in golf this year. I think that is just really cool.

Overall, we have a really subtle looking club, but there is a lot of brash colors and that’s what makes it pop and I think that is pretty cool just sitting on a shelf. Without further a due we are get this a couple of hits and see what we think about it performance wise, feel wise, sound wise. Then we are going to take it over to the View Golf lounge. We are going to give it a 5-star view golf review and tell you what we think about it, let’s go.

Again at setup it looks really, really good, it looks pleasing. The matte black finish with the stainless-steel face really frames everything, really makes alignment easy which I like. So let’s see what we think. First impression the shaft feels really, really, really light. Okay I mean it feels like a regular flex even though it says stiff flex. It was really weak for me, 285 carry, 313.8 total. Got a 171 mile per hour ball speed off that one which is nice. By the way I have not hit this club yet, so that is important to know. So all this I learning and going through it with you, 9 degrees of loft, ball 2 let’s see. I hit that one up a little higher I think, 274 carry, 302 total, ball speed down to 163 there. I hit it a little bit off the toe there and ball speed went down 8 miles per hour. But carry distance was still up there, still pretty good. Hit it really straight too I like that ball flight.

That felt pretty good there 290 carry, 317 total, 172.3 ball speed.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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