All You Need to Know About Golf Irons for Mid-Handicappers

Are you a mid handicap golfer? If that’s the case, you are far from alone since approximately 43% of all golfers belong to this average handicap category. As a mid handicapper, you are probably able to chip, putt, as well as make great birdies and pars at the right moment. However, many medium handicappers still struggle to make straight long hits. That is, if they're using unsuitable irons for 20 handicap. 

In 2018, 2019, and 2020, we have seen some great equipment for mid handicappers, including the beautifully designed BombTech wedges and much more. Using the right game improvement wedges as a mid handicapper can help you improve your weak spots and enhance your strengths. If you want to find out what the best golf irons in 2021 for a mid-handicap golfer are, keep reading. 

What is a golf handicap

Simply put, a golf handicap is a measure of a golf player’s overall ability. The handicap system was developed by the United States Golf Association in order to create a level playing field for all the players. The USGA system is quite complex and confuses many novice players. Luckily, you only need to know one simple number, i.e. your handicap score to play in both tournaments and casual matches. 

In match plays, the difference in handicap will determine how many strokes the high handicapper should get from the low-handicap player. In a stroke play, on the other hand, the difference determines how many strokes will be played in a competition.

As an example, if you play with a friend who has a handicap of 11 and your handicap score is 14, you should receive three strokes in the match from your friend. 

What is considered a mid handicap in golf

In golf, you are considered a better player if your handicap is on the lower side. For instance, if you play with a friend who has a handicap of 9 and your handicap is 5, you would be considered the better golfer. 

A mid handicapper is someone who plays with a handicap that is between 11 and 20, although there are no official level definitions. This generally means that you can shoot in the 80s in each round and break 90 in every other round.  

What is a low to mid handicapper?

The better you get at playing, the lower your handicap will go. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to determining handicap levels. The question of whether your handicap is low is relative and depends on the average level of golfers you tend to play with. 

In general, a low handicapper would be a golfer with a handicap that falls in the range between 1 and 9, although someone who has a handicap of 3 may not consider a 9 handicap that low. Either way, you would definitely be considered a skilled player if your handicap is single digit.

What score does a mid handicapper shoot?

Mid handicappers typically shoot in the 85-95 range. However, it is important to note here that your handicap score will not reflect your actual scores. If that was the case, a player with a handicap of 11 would score in the low 80s range instead of the mid 80s. 

Your handicap merely determines your potential as a player, using the best 10 scores out of a total of 20. Because of this, you would normally shoot approximately 3 scores above your handicap relative to par.   

Which are the best golf irons for mid handicappers?

Using the right equipment is one of the best ways to improve as a golf player. Since mid handicappers comprise the largest percentage of golfers, golf equipment manufacturers have worked on creating clubs that match the play styles of high, mid, and low handicappers. That is why you should always look to purchase only the best 2021 golf irons for mid-handicap golfers. 

What makes an iron suitable for mid handicappers? 

The best golf irons for approximately 20 handicapper are typically known as game-improvement irons. They tend to have a wider central hitting zone that enables you to shoot your mishits straighter and farther. These mid-handicap irons tend to be forgiving and designed to help you improve your shot-making quality. If your handicap becomes lower, you may switch to players clubs, known for providing consistent and solid strikes. 

Can mid handicappers use forged irons?

Most irons designed for high handicappers and mid handicap players are cast because casting allows for easier incorporation of designs and modifications needed to create forgiving irons. Forged irons, on the other hand, normally have simpler designs and are often made in a blade or muscle back shape. Forging is a more expensive and difficult process, but generally produces superior results. 

Should I play forged irons?

As a mid handicapper, you may be wondering if it’s the right time to replace your cast irons with forged irons. As you improve your game, you should look out for several signs that may indicate that you are ready for the switch: 

  • You frequently shoot 70s: if you are able to shoot in the 70s quite frequently, you may be ready to play with forged irons. This doesn't mean that you always have to shoot in the 70s, only that you should be able to do so at least occasionally.
  • You regularly hit double-digit greens: if you are able to hit at least 10 greens out of 18 holes on average, you may be consistent enough in your swings to switch to forged irons.   
  • You are looking for versatility in your shots: if you no longer feel that your game-improvement cast-irons meet your needs in terms of versatility, it may be time to move onto forged irons. 

Where do I find the best golf irons in 2021 for a mid handicapper

Are you looking for the best 20 handicap irons that will help you get into the low-handicap range? Or do you want to experience the best game improvement irons for high handicappers? That is exactly what we specialize in at BombTech Golf. Whether you started playing golf ten years ago, in 2018, 2020, or yesterday, choosing the right equipment is a must if you wish to improve. Our golf clubs are designed for novices and intermediate players who wish to improve their game steadily and surely. 

Check out our offer online and purchase your irons using our secure online payment system. If you don’t love them, you may send them back within 60 days and get your money back. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our golf equipment. Give us a call today!

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