How to Choose the Best Golf Irons for High Handicappers

Many novice golfers are confused by the concept of handicap, and understandably so. While the term is used frequently in the world of golf, it isn’t always clear which players belong to high, mid, and low handicap categories. 

If you are a beginner golfer, you should try and understand the idea behind handicaps and learn which golf irons to use for your handicap level. Choosing the right equipment, whether it’s picking the best irons for slower swing speeds or getting the right wedge set for game improvement, is key to improving your handicap. Read on to find out if your handicap would be considered high and what the best golf irons for high handicappers would be in 2020. 

What is a high handicapper

A handicap in golf is a calculation of the overall on-course ability of a golfer. The lower the handicap, the better the golfer is deemed to be. For example, a player with a handicap of 3 would be considered much better than a golfer with a 13 handicap. 

Your handicap is determined by comparing your recent scores with the difficulty of the golf courses you played. For instance, if you shoot in the 80s on a course that has a rating of 68, your handicap would be 12. This would generally belong to the mid handicap level. 

But what is considered a high handicap? In general, golfers who are above 20 are considered high handicappers. The highest handicap allowed by the USGA is 40 for female golfers and 36 for males. If your handicap is high, that doesn’t mean that you are a bad golfer; it only means that there is room for improvement or perhaps that you are using the wrong equipment. 

What's my handicap if I shoot 90?

You can’t determine your handicap if you play just one round. In fact, you should play about 20 different shots in order to calculate your handicap. At the start, you can expect your handicap to be quite high and improve after several games or a couple of years of playing. 

For instance, if you shoot a 95 score for 10 consecutive rounds on a course with a 72 rating, your handicap difference would be 20. Similarly, if you shoot 90 while playing on a par 72 course, your handicap would be 18. If your handicap is 18, you would generally be considered a mid handicapper. A 20 handicap, on the other hand, is closer to the high handicap category.

What are the best golf irons for high handicappers?

Playing with the wrong golf irons can make golf much harder for you, especially if you are a beginner. Irons designed for mid handicap golfers aren’t the same as those made for amateurs, while clubs used by low handicappers are a completely different story. If you wish to improve round by round, you need to know which irons are suitable for your skill level. 

The best iron set for amateurs will perform and look much differently than that meant for professional players. In general, irons designed for high handicappers and beginners have similar game improvement features, but they can differ in some respects. 

For instance, while high handicappers may need irons that offer more precision and distance, beginners often need help hitting the ball into the air. If you aren’t sure if you need a beginner or high handicapper iron, just pay more attention to the typical outcomes of your shots. 

What are the most forgiving golf irons?

With so many different irons available on the market, choosing the right one can be very overwhelming, especially if you have just started playing. One defining feature of all beginner-friendly golf irons is forgiveness. This means that you should look for irons that can help turn your poor swings into decent shots based on your style of play and handicap level. 

The best game-improvement irons for high handicappers would be those that help you shoot the greens and give more distance to your shots. If you struggle with getting the ball high in the air, you may do better with beginner golf irons which can help you improve that aspect of your game. 

How can I lower my handicap?

In addition to using the right equipment, you can also decrease your handicap level by using the following tips: 

  • Practice your short game: the vast majority of strokes in golf happen within the first 100 yards. Work on your putting before and after your rounds and take advantage of practice greens.  
  • Boost your fitness level: while you may think that a couple of stretches will get you ready to play, working on your flexibility and core strength regularly is the best way to improve. 
  • Hone your swing at the range: repeating your swings at the range can be of immense help, as it will help you develop better muscle memory and enable you to focus on any weak spots you may have noticed while playing rounds.  
  • Try out different golf courses: while playing on a familiar course all the time will make it much easier to shoot lower scores,  you should challenge yourself by trying varying course layouts and green speeds. 
  • We bring some of the best golf irons for high handicappers in 2020

    Every golf player strives to achieve a lower handicap score. In order to do so, you have to be careful when choosing the best iron set for your handicap and style of play. If you are a high handicapper looking for forgiving golf clubs, feel free to check out our offer online. 

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