Useful Tips for Intermediate Golfers

It’s always great to hear that a golfer is transitioning from a newbie to an intermediate player. It seems that not so long ago you were trying to choose a set of golf clubs for absolute beginners. Now, you’re looking to increase your swing speed and trying to find the irons that would suit a soon-to-be mid-handicap golfer

And that’s great. However, choosing the best golf irons for intermediate players is considerably different than choosing a set for beginners. You’ve got your golfing habits by now, you’ve developed a set of moves, and you need a set that will play to your strengths. Let’s see how to choose your irons. 

What is considered an intermediate golfer?

When you’re a golfing beginner, golf sounds great, but it is not so great when you try to put an iron to the ball. It’s almost as if you’re scared of hitting it out of fear of something going wrong. But all this is normal and expectable. 

However, it is this fear of doing something wrong that, among other things, separates a beginner from an intermediate golfer. Once you get to a point of no longer dreading every shot and once you stop being scared of trying out a new one, you’re close to becoming a mid-handicap player.

The traits of an intermediate golfer

There are some basic characteristics all intermediate golf players share, and here are the most common ones:

  1. Keeping score – No longer is keeping score something you only watch on TV. Once you become certain enough of your shots, you’ll begin to keep score for all your outings.
  2. Average score – Once you begin keeping score, you’ll start to become eager to improve it. However, as an intermediate golfer, you can be quite satisfied with a handicap of 35 or lower, and you can expect to score 90-115 points for 18-hole rounds.
  3. Accuracy – You’re using your irons better with each passing round of golf, and your accuracy is starting to improve drastically, to the point of being able to hit three to six greens per round.
  4. Distance – Although not quite consistent, the distance of your drives is improving as well. You’ll still get several bad drives per round, but don’t let that discourage you – you’re on the right track.
  5. Feel - Finally, you’re starting to get a better handle on all your shots. Yes, you still get some of them wrong, but you’re starting to feel what and how you should drive, put, and slice, and that’s what will make all the difference further down the road.

What are the best golf irons for intermediate players?

If you feel you need a new set of irons, since your game’s improved drastically, there are various aspects to consider when choosing a set of irons for intermediates. You should take a close look at this comprehensive list of important intermediate-level irons.

  1. The sole – Pay attention to the sole of the iron. If a sole is wide, it means that it places more weight in the lower part of the iron, which equals more airborne time on your shots. However, as your game begins to improve, so the soles on your irons narrow. 
  2. The offset – The more the offset, the more time will you have to square the face at the impact. However, as you get better, you’ll opt for less offset, as it will help make your shots easy to shape, due to the lower center of gravity.
  3. The fit – Without a doubt, no matter how experienced a golfer you are, always go for a custom-fit set of clubs. Think of buying golf clubs as buying shoes – you want to buy ones that fit just right.
  4. The steel – There are constantly varying opinions on whether or not the type of steel used when making irons actually affects their characteristics. That is why you should focus on trying the irons out rather than worrying about the steel they’re made of.

The weight – Depending on the speed of your swing, you’ll either need a bit heavier or a bit lighter irons. However, the current trend is to increase the speed of the head at your current swing speed, which means that the head of your iron should be a bit on the heavier side.

What is the best golf club set for intermediates?

There isn’t a single set of golf clubs that is widely regarded as the best set for intermediate golfers. Although there are sets of intermediate clubs that are better than the competition, the choice still largely boils down to your own preferences.

Once you do find a set of clubs that are the perfect weight and fit for you, there are still three additional considerations to make. These aspects will help you narrow your choice down, and ultimately buy the clubs that completely fit your needs.

  1. Skill – It doesn’t matter that you’re now, officially, an intermediate level golfer. You should still be realistic to your skill level, calculate your handicap, and reach a decision as to how good a set of clubs you currently need.
  2. Price – Don’t break the bank when buying a new set of clubs, although it is quite tempting to do so. Yes, the clubs should be of good quality, and new clubs will improve your game, but so will additional lessons. Leave some money aside for those too.
  3. Forgiveness – Even though your game is improving, you’re still not a pro, and you should not put the pressure on yourself to become one ASAP. Opt for clubs that offer plenty of forgiveness, as they will make it easier for you to keep raising your game.

Buy a set of quality golf irons perfect for intermediate players

Every golfer dreams of going from a high- to mid-handicap as quickly as possible, only to continue to aspire to turn the now mid-handicap into a low one. Dedication, practice, and quality equipment is a way to get there as quickly as possible.

At BombTech Golf, we employ all our experience and expertise in an effort to design top-notch golf irons that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and professional golf players alike. We know how important it is to have a good club in hand when you set out to chase as many greens as possible.

If you’re in the process of lowering your handicap to a mid-level one, if you’re starting to notice your drives becoming more stable, and your put more accurate, then it’s time to trade up. Contact us today and let’s see about outfitting you with a set of clubs to match your rising golfing prowess.

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