Top Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing Speed

Every golfer seems to want one thing - to be able to hit the ball faster and farther. Unfortunately, many beginners tend to aim for the distances professional golfers achieve, trying to hit the ball as hard as they can, not knowing that they should focus on their swing speed instead. 

In order to achieve better results, beginner golfers should know how to determine their distance and use the best golf clubs for slower swing speed. In this article, we will tell you what swing speed you should aim for as a beginner golfer and show you how your equipment can influence your game. Keep on reading. 

What is a good swing speed for golf?

Many junior and beginner golfers compare their swing speeds with the best professional hitters. These comparisons are unrealistic and may even hinder your game improvement significantly. Instead of striving to hit the same distances as the pros, you should know how you compare with the golfers in your age group or ability level. 

The average professional PGA Tour player has a club head speed of approximately 113 mph, whereas an approximate speed for long drivers is around 135 mph. The scores are quite different for average players, varying on the basis of their age, gender, and handicap level. 

For instance, a male golfer with an intermediate skill level would typically have a club head speed of around 90 mph, while a female amateur golfer would be near the 65 mph point. 

How do I determine my golf swing speed?

So, where do you belong on the club head speed scale? Since your golf club head speed is a crucial factor for determining your distances, you should know how to measure it properly in order to improve your game. This is also important if you want to find the best golf clubs for your needs, as not all equipment is suited for beginner golfers with a low swing speed

Determining your golf club head speed 

While professional golfers get their swing speed measured using slow motion cameras and other highly precise devices, many average golfers don’t have access to such equipment. Luckily, there is a way to determine your golf club speed on your own. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Go to your local course and use your driver to hit 20 balls. Record the carried distances while discounting any significant mishits. Make sure to warm up beforehand. 
  • Calculate your average distance by adding your drive distances together and dividing them by the total number of hits. 
  • Determine your drive carry distance by subtracting a “roll factor” from your average distance (the most common roll factor is 5%). 
  • Divide the calculated distance by 1.75 to get your impact ball speed
  • Divide the speed of the ball at impact by 1.5 to calculate your estimated drive swing speed. 

You can also estimate your impact swing speed by dividing your carry distance by 2.3, but the results may be less accurate if you do it that way.

How do I increase my golf swing speed?

As we’ve already stated, golf club head speed is one of the main prerequisites for achieving great distances. As your handicap decreases, you can expect your driving distance to increase as well. Here’s what you can do to speed up your improvement: 

  • Focus on achieving a stable position and the right balance instead of hitting the ball harder. This involves the position of your right leg and achieving body evenness with your wrist flexed and your shoulder fully turned. 
  • You should also take steps to reduce the tension in your muscles. Your hands and arms should be as relaxed as possible while practicing since rotating your forearms, and in turn, your club, naturally will give you a better club head speed. 
  • A wider stance can also improve your club head speed. Try keeping your head turned downward and to the right when hitting the ball. This way, your club head will gather more speed. 

What are the best golf clubs for slow swing speeds?

Using the wrong clubs for your swing speed can seriously damage your chances at improving your game. Here’s how you should go about choosing the right clubs for your swing speed: 

  • Measure your club head swing speed. You can do this by yourself using the process we’ve explained earlier in this article or go to a golf store that takes this type of measurement. 
  • Determine your club shaft flex. If your swing speed is lower than 60 mph, you’ll probably need a ladies flex, while a regular flex would be a good choice if your speed is around 80 mph. 
  • The shaft material is important too. When choosing the best golf club shaft for slow swing speed, you should take your time to select the right material for your needs and skill level. 
  • Consider the club head type. Blade and half-cavity club heads offer better control and consistency for low handicappers, while full-cavity clubs are generally better for high handicappers. 

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