Best shot of my life?!? | Quest for 80 Ep. 7

Alright guys hole 1, par 4, Rocky Ridge my favorite course. It has been raining for 3 days, got the mic in my hand. Was hitting the ball well last week, how far are we? 283 we are playing whites, here we go, let’s pull the pin!

Hole 1 under pressure, audience watching, bogey.

Plugged, perfect shot we will see, that has got to be 25 feet deep into the earth. Holy moly look at this water dude, look at my feet. About 150 yards going easy 7.

Yo what’s up guys Sully here, we are on hole 3. It has been raining for 4 or 5 days, snowed on Sunday. I am so eager to play I just want to get out here. I lost two balls on that hole in the middle of the fairway, plugged couldn’t find them. So it is going to be a tough quest for 80 today.

Alright 154 going easy 7, tempo baby. How many hole in one’s have been recorded on a BombTech vlog? About to be one. Soaked out here, loving it. It’s got to go a lot, think the mud is slowing it down, alright par putt.

Look at this beast, hole 4, par 5, 524 yards. We have got out of bounds left it’s open to the right. My misses are going left, that’s a good ball.

Had a par there so we are 4 over through 5, this one is 315, water at about 280 yards. The smart play is to rip an iron short which is what I am going to do. Should be good, should be safe, easy second shot, muddy, windy, golf. Alright guys 9 iron, 140 yards, slight sidehill-downhill lie just got to put it in. Come on you’re better than that, maybe I am not, pin high. Going to have to do some short game magic, birdie chip from there.

2 pars in a row, good chip shot saved me this hole is intense, should not hit driver but felling it, I am going for it. It’s uphill-sidehill, super tight, the smart play here would be to rip like a 5 iron or 6 iron. I am going to let the big dog eat though. I am going to try to play, do you see the cart path on the left, I am going to try to hit it on that side and cut it. Let it just stick on the green a little, quest for 80 hitting driver. Nick! Best shot of my life, that’s the club, just 5 yards right of the cart path perfect spot. I am just going to hit I would say 26 yards, nice and easy 60, stick it. Little thin, it’s on the green, I don’t know we will see. Alright I thought I hit it thin, we have got this for birdie.

Hole 7 I love, I am obsessed with hitting from elevated tee boxes. Just seems like the ball goes even farther so this one is pretty fun. Par 4, downhill, there’s the tee box we will show you the plaque here. They’re calling it 340 it’s too straight dude, it’s the straightest hole of the day. I am going driver dude, so I am going to try 340 slight downhill, honestly I am not trying to bomb it I will try to put it in the fairway and go driver-wedge. Got a little, I don’t know what the word was, perfect. Slight side hill, gap wedge, it’s got to come left a bit, come left. Left that one a little short, I think that was the first gap wedge shot of the year. Hit it a little thin. Alright, spun a little too much, see if we can save the par here. Par putt got to save it, drills it! That’s all you need, you don’t need a putter.

Hole 8, another par, I think I am only 4 or 5 over. This one is 191 uphill, so I think I am going to go, this is a tough yardage for me. Going 3 driving iron, get there.

What’s up guys Sully here, it’s over, quest for 80 is broken. Just kidding, alright so we just finished, we played 9 holes Cedar Knoll came over to Rocky Ridge played another 9. So we are going to put these two together for a quest for 80. Shot 45 and today I shot 41 so I am carding an 86. So we have got 6 strokes to go, was hitting the ball much better today. I need a BombTech butter, keep that show a stick of butter, BombTech putter I could not. My short game is a mess on the greens, irons are feeling good. Hit some of the straightest shots in a long time especially on that hole it was like right next to the 100 yard stick. So overall we are getting there, the score does not indicate how good I play, I was pumped, hit it well and quest for 80 continues guys, see you next week.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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