Sorry pros....this isn't for you! 🏌️

What is up guys Sully here the owner BombTech Golf I am showing you the new grenade 2 driver, there she is. This has been our most popular bundle of all time and I started BombTech Golf almost 5 years ago for one reason to offer average golfers performance and value. All of our clubs are back to the 60-day guarantee. I am so confident you love these if you don't send them back. But again I just want to let you guys know about this insane offer and why I did this. It is for you guys the average golfers, I don’t do it for pros, I could care less about retail. It’s only for you, so if you guys want an awesome deal grenade 2 driver and a free 3 wood. Click the link now, guaranteed to outperform what’s in your bag. I don’t care what you got, bring it on, I am here for the average guy because that is what I am, peace.


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

Shop BombTech Golf Driver and 3 Wood

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  • I got my 3.0 irons last week to go with my wedges. I had a planned trip to Sun City Arizona for Christmas and golf. Just got home, back to Tacoma Wa. I shot 5 rounds, the irons performed well, not to sure of distances but had some great shots. The wedges are just about tuned in. Bombtech Golf will stay in my bag.
    Pull the pin guys, you will not be sorry!
    Thanks Sully.

    Tom Reynolds on

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