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Have you hit these?!

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What is up guys Sully here the owner of BombTech Golf and I started BombTech Golf almost 5 years ago for one reason to offer average golfers performance and value. All of our clubs are backed with a 60-day guarantee. I am so confident you will love these, if you don't send them back. Guaranteed to outperform what's in your bag. I don't care what you got. Bring it on I'm here for the average guy because that's who I am. Peace!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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  • Not sure what it is with these wedges but my score is falling like a bad correction on the stock market. The ball is bouncing once and stopping which I never could do before. Chipping it to within 10 feet so my putting is considerably less too. Still not very confident with the 72 degree but there’s still more rounds to play this season. Finally feeling like I can break 90.

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