BombTech Golf on Kickstarter

BombTech Golf on Kickstarter

I am extremely excited and anxious to see how the next 30 days go.

Day 1 - 10% of goal. Not a bad start, but I hope that the momentum continues and grows. It has been an unreal year and half but it is time to expand the driver offerings. The 10.5 is a great loft for most golfers, but there is certainly a need for a 9 degree Grenade. I decided to use the Kickstart platform to offer pre-orders.

In addition to traditional pre-orders there are additional incentives for ordering early. The first 25 will save $100! All of the pre-ordered 9 degree drivers will come in a limited edition candy apple red paint. This will only be offered to customers that pre-order the 9 degree via Kickstarter.

Why I am asking for pre-orders?

The 2 piece production method used to produce the Grenade driver is no doubt the best way to make a golf driver. But it is also the most expensive way to make a golf driver. Unlike traditional four piece forged golf drivers, that can use one mold to make multiple lofts a 2 piece mold can't. Each loft requires a new mold when using the 2 piece method. Getting enough pre-orders will help cover the mold costs and get it into production!

What does a 2 piece method mean to you?

It means better durability, sound and tolerances. It has proven to be worthwhile this far, and I kinda feel like I am giving up one of my secrets! But it comes down to price and most companies don't want to spend double to make a driver that is a little better. I DO!

So if you support a small company that hand assembles each club in USA. and listens to you!


Thanks for everything and welcome to the team in advance.

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