NEW 9 Degree Driver


BombTech golf is proud to announce that we are expanding our custom golf driver line to include a 9 degree option.

Why a 9 degree option and who is it for?

First let me say that LOFT is a good thing. Playing a golf driver that is too low in loft will rob you of distance. So, 9 degrees is not for everyone. But for the golfer that has a steep angle of attack, high club head speed or just spins the ball too much our 9 degree will be your best choice.

I have a had a few questions about the 9 degree and if there are any differences between the 10.5. The shape and dual cavity design is all the same. Other than loft, I added 3 grams of weight. This will allow for higher swing weights at shorter lengths and has been requested by many the target audience, the high swing speed players. 3 grams is a minimal change, bringing the total weight up to 202 grams.

Why did it take so long to release the 9 degree?

The 2 piece construction process is the reason.

One of the reasons the Grenade golf driver performs so well is due to the 2 piece production process. The one downfall to this production process is its costs and the need to produce a new mold/tooling for each loft. The traditional four piece forged production process allows multiple lofts from one mold.

I want to thank all of you that have been waiting for the 9 degree! It is coming shortly.

The pre-order is now available via Kickstarter and as of today, the project is at 76% to our goal. As soon as the campaign is funded, production will begin on the new 9 degree driver option.

Thanks to all that have pledged at this point! WELCOME TO THE TEAM.

If you haven't pledged yet, their is still time.

PRE-ORDER your new 9 Degree Driver!

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  • I have the 10.5 Driver ( I like it) But how do I Get a 9% loft Driver??

    Thomas Kerrigan on

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