How to shoot lower golf scores

How to shoot lower golf scores?

Shooting lower golf scores takes 3 things. The first is practice, second is course management and lastly is mental. We all can use more practice, I would argue that their is never enough practice. Of course, the right type of practice is key. Course management and understanding which golf club to hit when and what shot to hit where will help you navigate any course like the pros.

But the last key to shooting lower scores, the mental aspect could be one of the most difficult to truly "practice" or learn. How to stay mentally tough and shrug off bad shots is what makes golf, well golf. Many sports are reactionary, where you are in the moment and acting without thinking. Whereas golf leaves time between shots or even during your swing to think. Which for the vast majority of golfers is a problem.

So how does one swing without thinking? Is it possible that being in the zone, is when your mind is out of zone (not thinking). I often find myself shooting lower scores when I don't feel 100%. I know, it is a very strange concept but when I am slightly distracted or not completely worried about each swing, I just swing. I often say to myself how I can just swing.

I asked Facebook Fans. What do you think when you play your best?

This is what they said:

Jesse Goodwin - I don’t think about much except making solid contact

David N Heath - I try to think but nothing happens

Travis Campbell - Why the hell can't I do this all the time?

Aaron Olson – Tempo, tempo, tempo

Mike Roehl - Nothing. I'm just swinging free.

Matthew King - Low and slow, cover the ball!

Bailey Cottle - Birdie time all the time. I just try to build confidence

Steven J. LeJeune - Head down, hands high, swing slow.

Mike Hedrick - Keep the right shoulder back

Bill Haggerty - Not really thinking anything unless I'm beating whomever I'm playing with which rarely happens. So I just go out and remember it's a game that I have fun playing

Paul Kielwasser - No thoughts when I'm playing my best. Only thoughts are about strategy on each hole.

So...How to shoot lower golf scores..Don't think just swing!

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