Can a golf driver be too light?

This is a great question as I have done a ton of testing with different golf drivers actual weight and their swing weight or perceived weight.  Swing weight is better defined as how a driver feels.  

When designing a golf driver we use swing weight to guide our design process in terms of how we want a driver to perform and how we want the golf driver to feel.

So...Can a golf driver be too light?

The short answer is, YES!

I remember a few years ago when golf drivers started to get "lighter" and I personally was super excited to see how much farther I could hit an ultralight golf driver.  To my surprise the golf driver didn't help me hit high boom drives like our BombTech golf driver  🏌‍♂

golf driver

Why didn't I like the feel of an ultralight driver, simply because the swing weight was too light.  When we design a golf driver we shoot for a range of between D2-D4 depending on driver design and goals. Typically D2 has been the best weight for our golf driver design. 

But if you make the golf driver head lighter, you will then will impact swing weight and the club will feel extremely light. What that means, is you won't be able to feel where the head is and will likely feel like the club is out of control.  Secondly, if you make a golf driver head too light you will not be flexing the golf shaft enough.  By not flexing your golf driver shaft enough you will actually lose distance and the golf driver will feel too stiff.

For our golf drivers we want our club head weight to be between 197-200 grams, shafts between 55-65 and a playing length of 45-46 inches.  If you make the club head lighter you can make it longer to make the club feel more like the shorter and heavier version but you will likely lose distance. 

On the flipside, can you make a golf driver too heavy?  Yes, of course.  If you increase the club head weight you will have to make it shorter to achieve the same D2 swing weight.  A lot of golfers are tempted to customize their clubs and make them longer or shorter while negating the effects on swing weight.  We have sold 200,000 clubs sold and know what golfers want to FEEL!

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