CNC Milled putters - Why CNC Vs. Cast or Forged

CNC Milled Putters - Why CNC Vs. a Cast or Forged Putter?

It seems that CNC milled putters are very popular right now, but are very expensive. So, do they offer any additional benefits and will they help you sink more putts?

First, what is a CNC milled putter. A CNC milled putter is a a golf putter that is machined out of one solid piece of material, typically steel. Varying materials will offer different feel and sound profiles, but most common are stainless and 1018 carbon steel. The one piece machining process creates an extremely precise outcome that is very reproducible. The tolerances for a forged or cast putter are much wider. But the tighter tolerances are not the main benefit.

The feel and feedback is why a golfer may want to consider a CNC milled putter. It is a simple concept, when a golf club, golf putter or anything for that matter is produced from multiple pieces versus one solid piece, there is a difference in feel and sound. The feedback and feel from one solid piece can be helpful to many golfers. If you can feel better and receive more feedback you will have a better chance at sinking that putt.

The putter design is crucial to any production process. High MOI putters reduce twisting on off-center putts. It is very rarely talked about, but how often do you think you truly strike the center of the putter face? Not as often as you would like. Those off center hits typically roll off line, which leads to missed putts. If you are using a high MOI putter, it will reduce how far off line those missed putts will go. Like all things golf, we don't all hit perfect shots all the time or even as often as we would like. Better feel, feedback and straighter mis-hits can all help us play a little better!

So next time you are looking for a new golf putter, ask is it CNC Milled, Cast or Forged?

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