Custom Driver Fitting

New Custom Driving Fitting Form. 

Since each golf driver is custom fit, we have developed an online fitting form that will help you find your best golf driver specs based on your swing speed, height and driver goals. If you are looking for a long distance golf driver or a driver for extreme accuracy or both (our most common option), we can build it for you.

Playing the proper flex, loft and driver length is crucial for you to play your best. Through our research and experience, many golfers are playing golf drivers that are too stiff.  The fitting form helps you make the best decision for your game. The form takes less than 30 seconds to fill out and provides instant fitting results. 

Did you fill out the form, and still have questions? Call us at 802 448 2094 if you need additional help or answer any questions.  We have built thousands of custom golf drivers and our return rate is less than 5%! And each golf driver is backed by a 120 day guarantee.

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