New 9 Degree Driver - Testing

Testing the 9 Degree Grenade on a HD simulator.

Today was a great day. Not only because I actually got to go play golf. Well it was indoor golf, but I was still swinging clubs and that's all that really matters.  But also because I was able to test out our new 9 degree Grenade driver.  I also had a long time Grenade tester Shaun help with the process and our local PGA Pro Steve.  

The 9 version is almost identical to the 10.5 except for the loft, so today I was looking for feel, sound, and flight characteristics. I knew it would be hot, since each head is tested for CT/COR numbers and the test heads were within our specs for face hotness but could even be slightly hotter.

So, how did it do? Expectations as you can imagine are very high, but the Grenade 9.0 met all of them. The sound was loud but clean, the feel was solid and the ball fight was mid ball flight draws for all the testers! And I was beyond happy to get a PGA Pro's perspective.  I actually wasn't planning on having Steve test the driver today, but he had a few minutes and jumped at the chance to swing it.  

He wasn't loose at all but took some swings, then some more and some more. And then oddly enough he went to grab his cell phone so he could take some pictures. He was pleasantly surprised because the Grenade was flying 15+ yards longer for him on his launch monitor. He was so excited that he has decided to bring our Grenade clubs down with him for the PGA show. So, I am humbled and excited to welcome Steve to our team and have a PGA Pro swinging the Grenade driver, 3 wood and 4 hybrid. WELCOME TO THE TEAM STEVE.

My other tester Shaun has played the 10.5 Grenade for a long time and has always had a great perspective on the game. As he is a guy that just loves the game and wants to play his best at any cost! His results with the Grenade 9 were similar to his 10.5 but with a lower ball flight as expected. 

Bottom line. Today was a good day! Good numbers, a couple good swings and most importantly feedback that confirms what was expected.

Picture below shows a 1.55 smash factor for Steve! 

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