Grenade 9 Degree Golf Driver - Pre-order is on now!

It has been a long time coming! 

The Grenade golf driver will soon be available in a 9 degree loft.  The tooling has been manufactured and the first batch of clubheads are in production.  To celebrate and kick off our new driver option we are offering a $100 discount for anyone that pre-orders in January. 

So why did it take so long to get another loft option?  

We utilize a very expensive 2 piece construction which requires a new tooling for every single loft. Most golf driver manufacturers use a four piece forged method which uses softer metals that allow for multiple lofts from one tooling. The 2 piece construction process may be expensive but it provides tolerances that are tighter and a sound and feel that is unmatched. 

I know it is tough to wait, so for that reason we are offering a deep discount for those that pre-order! Since the tooling is already complete, it is just a matter of the production process finishing on time.  

Who should consider the 9 degree option?  

The Grenade 9 degree will be the lowest loft option we will be offering. The driver head currently offers a mid ball flight that is ideal for players that hit the ball high. 

The same shaft options will be available with the pre-order and you will be emailed when the driver is ready to ship in Which we believe will be  April 2015.

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  • I would like to pre order the 9 degree driver.

    Jim Walter on
  • I want to pre order but i dont see where.

    Jim Walter on

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