Custom Golf Clubs Online

Are you looking for custom golf clubs online? 

Well you are in the right place. BombTech golf is the leader in high performance custom golf equipment online. Our custom golf products are sold exclusively online and are built custom for you.

What makes our golf equipment custom?

- Each golf club is assembled by hand in USA

- Custom built to your specifications

- Custom shaft length options

- Various grip size options

- Premium head cover options

This is what defines our golf clubs as custom, but the most important aspect of our services is our FREE ONLINE FITTINGS.

Whether you decide to buy our equipment or not, we offer a free online fitting service. This free service is quick, easy and gives you a recommendation for you to use when looking for new custom golf equipment.

Each form that is submitted is individually analyzed by BombTech Golf to provide you with an accurate golf club recommendation.

After reading and communicating with thousands of golfers, I have found that most golfer's are playing golf shafts that are too stiff and too long. It was also surprising how many requested more accuracy over more distance. With all of the big brands focusing on the message of distance, most golfer's have actually asked for recommendations for accuracy.

For this reason we build many golf drivers between 44.5 - 45.5 inches in length. This shaft length is NOT short, but is considered shorter than the ultra light and ultra long off the rack drivers you get in the big box stores. Shorter length helps with accuracy and ball striking.

Whether you are looking for more distance, more accuracy or both. A free online fitting can help you find the best custom golf clubs for your game.

Get your BombTech clubs now!


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