Custom golf clubs - what are they?

Custom Golf Clubs - What Are They?

I speak with hundreds of golfers a week and I know there is some confusion on what makes custom golf clubs, actually custom. The confusion lies in the wide array and levels of customization that you can get into. To start, let's define what a custom golf club is not. Any golf club where you can walk into a store and grab it off the rack, would NOT be considered custom. These pre-built golf clubs are best defined as off the rack, since you can literally walk into the store and grab any golf club off the rack and make a purchase. 

Online Custom Golf Clubs, 

This is a phrase I coined for what we actually offer.  What do I mean by online custom golf clubs?  When you place an order on our website, our team will take your individual order specs and built that exact golf club to your requirements.  This custom golf club is built specific to you.  To offer the best fit we have a free online fitting tool that will help you determine shaft flex, shaft length, loft and grip size.  All aspects that make your golf club into your custom golf club.

The last category of Custom Golf Clubs is custom fit.  

Meaning, that you physically walk into a custom fit studio and have a golf club built to your swing on that day.  An in person fitting is by far the most in-depth, time intensive and costly category of Custom Golf Clubs.  The unique ability to try a variety of shafts and be fit for your unique swing has it's advantages. 

Regardless of which category of custom golf clubs you are looking at, finding the proper shaft flex, shaft length and loft are key to helping you play your best. Through my hundreds of demo days, I have found that most golfers are playing golf clubs that are too long, too stiff and offer too little loft.  I also understand that most golfers don't have the time or funds to go to a custom fitting. For those reasons, I developed the online fitting system which brings together the best of both worlds.  The ability to get a custom golf club, but also do it at a tremendous price.

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