I want to hit my golf driver farther

"I want to hit my golf driver farther"

If you have read my blog posts before, you will notice that I like to blog about what my customers are asking me. If I am asked or requested something many times, it means there is a need to answer it.  So you want to hit your golf driver farther, right? Who doesn't?  But, how do you actually achieve that and how much can you really gain. 

First, you need to swing faster. 

But, how do you swing faster and not harder.  This concept is by far the most important single factor in hitting your golf driver farther.  And it is a concept and feel that the vast majority don't understand. It takes time and effort to be able to swing faster and not harder. What the hell does that mean? 

The best way to swing faster is to allow your arms and wrists to swing completely free, like a pendulum. In the case of a golf driver swing, it is a double pendulum. I can promise that when you try swinging loose the first 100 times, you aren't even remotely close to truly allowing yourself to swing free. 

So what is the key to swinging free?

First, I would get any device that measures swing speed or ball speed. This is not required, but it is vital to confirm that you have achieved your goal.  

Second, go to the driving range.  Get a medium to large bucket of balls. Hit 30-40 shots with your PW. Now, grab your driver. Take 10 of your normal swings. Now, start by letting your arms hang completely free by your side. From here, grab your driver and try to maintain this feeling as you set up. I guarantee this will feel odd.  Try and maintain that feeling of "free" and make your standard swing. Do this 10-15 times. 

Third, relax your wrists in a similar fashion to your arms.  Your wrists are the second pendulum.  I find the easiest way to do this to actually loosen your grip. Hold your golf driver as light as possible, without letting it fly out of your hands.  Take 10-15 swings.

Now, take 10 swings with your normal swing and then 10 swings with everything loose.  At some point you will have an Aha moment, when you absolutely bomb one, or it feels faster (that's where the swing speed radar comes in). For certain golfers it may only take 100 swings or a few days to get that feeling, but for most it will take some time to really become free.  

For me personally, I am able to generate 6 mph more club head speed when I am in completely loose. This can equate to 18-20 yards more with my golf driver and this is without any additional time in the gym or practice.  Because who wants to go practice or hit the gym? Ha! Try it, have fun and let me know how much speed and distance you gain.

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