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Day 4 on the Quest for 350 Yards

Golf is not easy and neither is gaining distance with your golf driver. I have set a personal average driving distance goal of 350 yards. My current baseline from day 1 and 2 is 312 yards.

Golf Driver Distance log:

Day 1: 312 yards

Day 2: 312 yards

Day 3: 322 yards

Day 4: 320 yards

The first 2 days on my journey to 350 yards were a true baseline for my distance. As I have only played golf twice prior to those swings. Day 3 was an exciting day in terms of technique. I found a higher wrist position increased my club head speed by nearly 5 mph and increased distance by 10 yards on average. My goal over the next weeks is to improve on my technique and contact quality.

As I continue to improve technique I will be adding a fitness component to my quest. I know that proper fitness and golf specific workouts will help my flexibility and increase my speed through the impact zone.

A lot of my Facebook fans have been asking what set up I am playing. I am currently playing the Grenade driver 10.5 degrees, X Flex with Matrix Chi Chi light tour shaft. My warm up driver is the Grenade golf drier 10.5 stiff flex at 45.5 inches.

As I get faster I will be tweaking my equipment to optimize my numbers.

Do you think I can hit 350 yards?

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