Do adjustable golf drivers work?

Do adjustable golf drivers work?

Why is there so much value put into movable weights and the ability to adjust the Driver today and why do “we” the golfing community buy into it so much? When the truth of the matter is once we go to the range and mess around with it “thinking” we now have the perfect set up. We then set off to play, and guess what there is no going back or changing during the course of play, so what we have really bought is an expensive “range” toy.

What happened to just naturally working the ball with the feel of our hands and swing, backed up by solid technology with shaft and club head? What many of us forget is if we have issues and we try and fix them with weights and adjustability, we are honestly hurting our game by masking our faults with false positive results, or in some case further amplifying an issue. Trust me I’ve tried these and it really sucks to be playing golf only to be fighting against the adjustments you make to your club.

To me these drivers are a novelty item not a golf improvement option, if you want to improve your driving ability take a lesson hit some balls, “learn” to feel your swing and buy a club that is made solidly and has a shaft that fits your mold.  Then go out and learn how to work the ball a bit and trust me this is true for every club not just the big dog!!

Ask yourself, do adjustable golf drivers work? Or should you drop the wrench and hit the range!

Article written by Matty King a dedicated golfer who is passionate about the game and his equipment.

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