Custom Golf Drivers vs. Golf Drivers

Custom golf drivers vs. stock golf drivers.

After the hundreds of questions I have received. I felt obliged to write a quick blog about the differences between custom golf drivers vs. stock golf drivers.

Stock Golf Drivers:

Stock golf drivers are better defined as "off the rack" golf drivers. When you go into any of the large retail stores like Dick Sporting Goods, GolfTown, Edwin Watts, etc. You can simply go and grab a "stock" driver off the rack. There are no custom options to choose with regards to shaft length and shaft type. These off the rack options are mass produced to fit a specific cost in mind.

Custom Golf Drivers:

Custom golf drivers are built to each golfers unique specifications. Shaft length is one major factor that can't be changed with a stock shaft. But custom golf drivers can easily be built to specific golf driver lengths. Golf driver lengths have a huge impact on performance and should be considered when choosing a new golf driver. Custom golf driver manufacturers make individual components and focus on quality to outperform the competition. The majority of the pros on the PGA tour use custom golf drivers built with specific specs. Each custom tour model is built to the golfers specs. This insures maximum performance and hopefully lower scores!

Custom golf drivers can come at a cost. Many after market shafts cost upwards of $300, this means a custom golf driver could be well over $500.00 when built. This performance is measurable but proper basic fitting is required to maximize your game.

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