The American Nightmare - A Golf Story

The American Nightmare - A Golf Story

For those that have spoken to me directly, you may often hear me say "living the dream." Which is the truth, but before the dream was the nightmare. I think many of you will relate to this story....maybe.

First, let me say thanks to all of my customers that have allowed BombTech golf to be so successful. Without you and a lot of hard work, this would not been possible. So thanks.

When I started BombTech Golf I was working as a pharmaceutical Sales Rep. It was a job, not a career. The threat of layoffs was always looming and eventually would impact my position. After 2 years of working there with great success, we ALL (528 Sales Reps) got the phone call. The type of call you get on Friday at 4 P.M. that everyone in the country had to be on.

As expected, half of the sales force. Yes, 250 employees were to be laid off. I was proactive and had a more "secure" job lined up for when this day had come. Technically I took a voluntary resignation which allowed me to start my new job instead of just waiting around until Christmas to hear about getting laid off.

Anyways, I started a new job as a Sales Director for an Engineering firm in Vermont. Good pay and never had a lay off. During this time, BombTech golf began to grow and gain serious momentum. Then four months into the new job, we were all called into the conference room. "Sorry to tell you this, but we are letting 10 people go." Oh, great! I exclaimed to myself. This news was less than comforting considering that I just went through this process. A few weeks later, another meeting. "Sorry to tell you this, but we are letting 20 people go." At this point, I am saying to myself, Oh SHIT! This is the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!

Although the company was experiencing lay offs, I honestly wasn't too concerned since I had grown our Sales Division from $1.5 million in sales to $2.2 million in sales in less than a year. And when you perform, you don't get laid off, or so I thought!

Ok..Layoffs, organization change and now a new boss. But I was selling, so they couldn't lay me off right.....Wrong and worse.

Typical Monday...Coffee, cold calls and emails. Standard protocol. I will never forget this moment. My new boss that I had been working with for 4 months, walked into my office. Let me first mention that he just got back from training a client on a $125,000 deal I SOLD! Not him or anyone else.

He asks me to follow him. So I am walking with him down the hall, we pass his office on the left then continue through another hall. I knew when we walked by his office, that we could not be headed anywhere good. We take one more hallway right into the HR manger's office.

Long story short. He says, "Just not working out and your last pay check was last week!" I almost hit the guy, but I told him and the HR manager that I needed to get some water....I composed myself. I responded, "What is my job? Is it to sell? Are sales not up by $700,000 over last year?" He responded, "Well yea, and yea. But we just don't think your a good fit for long term." So even though I am doing my job, and doing it extremely well. I am being punished and FIRED. After 30 minutes of discussion, I was able to negotiate a small small severance. what.

I had an hour long drive home. In which, I tried to figure out what to tell the wife and what I was going to do. This American Nightmare was the motivation to live the American Dream (aka BombTech Golf)! I say the word dream lightly, as it is non-stop fight and grind. But it is a fight worth fighting and winning!

I truly appreciate your support and business!

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