What annoys you about golf?

What annoys you about golf? 

We all love the game, but from time to time there is some things that annoy all of us. Here is a top ten list that was generated from my Facebook fans! Thanks for everyone that participated.

1. Mike Mccormick the guy that waits for the green to clear from 350 yards. when they can't hit it off a tee over 200 yards.

2. Jerry Aiello sandbaggers.

3. Brajigan Qualls The fact that I haven't holed one yet

4. Martin Stanton Longer, lighter, more upright equipment and the obsession with distance. 44 degree pitching wedges with an 85g shaft to near 47" long drivers with 50g shafts...yeah one occasional melt might go miles but most will find it hard to control. Golf is a game of precision and the tools are evolving to make that harder for most people. Slow play too..

5. Dave Raudenbush Actually, I get very frustrated with golf course employees, attendants, starters, even pros, who act like they are doing me some huge favor by letting me onto their golf course (after liberating a sizable chunk of change from my wallet.) The game has lost its welcome.

6. Dan Rudershausen People who hit 3 balls off the tee, and then take 2 seconds when they get to the green and can't chip or putt. You clearly don't want to/know how to get better at the game of golf and you're holding us all up picking up your 3 tee shots nowhere near each other

7. Stan Blaskowski That I can't hit the ball straight!! Lol

8. Gordon Steen People who are unaware of what is going in around them on a golf course. Eg talking and moving around when your about to take your shot.

9. Mark Stesney People who don't respect the courses. Drag their feet on the greens and have no idea what a pick is for...ball marks all over the greens!

10.Rose VanHimbergen Conway That there is do much equipment or teaching tools all over our house!!

So what annoys you about golf?? It is OK to vent!

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