Do golf sponsorship's matter?

Do golf sponsorship's matter? Or better question do you care what the pros play?

If you are the golfer being sponsored and more importantly being paid well, then yes. But what does that sponsored athlete do for the company sponsoring them. Obviously the hope is that more people will see the brand and be familiar with the company or products.

Some of the larger companies have so many staffers and budgeted so much to pure marketing that they sacrifice on product quality. For this reason, we exist! Knowing that the big brands can't spend over XX dollars on each product allows "smaller" companies to spend more on product quality, materials and more and still be competitive on price.

I wish I could sponsor everyone and support each golfer in their quest to be better. But if I did this I would be like the big brands and would not be able to focus on product quality and performance.

Although I can't offer you a traditional sponsorship. BombTech golf has developed a refer a friend program that is designed to reward you for a simple referral. This is not as glamorous as being a sponsored, but it can help you generate additional income for spreading the word about BombTech golf. Which is the point of sponsorship's right?

So do golf sponsorship's matter?

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