Do you want to score better or hit it longer?

Do you want to score better or hit it longer?

I am very fortunate to get to talk all day, everyday about the game we all love. I have frequent conversations with scratch golfers looking to go pro and high handicap golfers just looking to make the game more fun. These conversations always lead to one question, do you want to score better or hit it longer?

So, what do you think the answer is?

40% say "I want to hit it longer"

40% say "I want to score better"

Only 20% actually say both!

When you hit it longer you will score better, but only if its straight. So how can we achieve this. The big brand manufacturers are making golf drivers that are 46 inches, 46.5 inches and even as extreme as 48 inches. In addition to making golf drivers longer, they are making them lighter. Club head weights have dropped form 200 grams to as low as 190 grams.

But this is all wrong!! Yea lighter and longer will allow you to hit 1 out of 20 balls long, but they other 19 are in the woods. 

The reality is that hitting the center of the face will help you hit it longer and more consistently. This is one reason that the pro's not the hackers are playing golf driver that are 44-45 inches in length. So why should the average golfer be forced to buy equipment that is longer, lighter and more difficult to hit? Marketing...That's the only reason.

Golf is tough enough and the equipment should not make it tougher! Check out a local club fitter or talk to us. It is what we do and I hope to provide you with the answer BOTH to the question above.

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