Drill for hitting longer drives

Drill For Hitting LONGER Drives

Tristan Wild is a club pro on team BombTech and is extremely knowledgeable about the game and the swing mechanics involved with the golf swing. He uses this drill to properly shift his weight and crush the golf ball off the tee. One of the most important aspects of the golf swing is the player’s weight shift. If you shift your weight slightly too late or too early you should expect to hit a very bad golf shot.

We all know how hard it is to hit long, straight drives every time we step up to the tee box. Most of this results from our amateur golf swings and the fact that they are not very repeatable. We just don’t practice nearly enough to have the consistency that the pros do. However, with this drill golfers of all skill levels will be able to improve their game and understand how a proper weight shift feels during the golf swing.

All you need to properly perform this drill is a golf wedge! After taking your normal stance with your golf driver, place the head of the golf wedge under your back heel so that the grip points up into the air and in the opposite direction of your club face. With proper weight shift the wedge should fall out from under your foot around the top of your swing as you make the transition into the downswing. Read that twice to visualize how it looks. This is because as you transition into the downswing you want to shift your weight forward to swing through impact. Doing this will result in your back heel lifting off the ground. At impact you want all your weight forward in anticipation of your follow through.

Performing this driving drill until you get the results as described above will make you a more successful golfer. This can be done on the range or before every round to get you familiar with the feeling associated with a proper weight shift. Work on this and you will be hitting longer and straighter golf drives in no time!


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