How To Install Golf Grips With Air

How To Install Golf Grips With Air

The old school method of installing golf grips involves grip tape and solvent.  Installing golf grips with air is quicker, cleaner, saves time, saves money and is easier.

The video above gives you a quick overview of how to install golf grips with air, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to when you install your grips for the first time.  

Do you have the proper equipment to install your golf grips using air?

You will need the following equipment to install golf grips with air.

1. Air compressor - Up to 70 psi is required.  Almost all air compressors even small 1 gallon tanks can handle this job.

2. Golf specific vice - Not required, but I personally would NEVER put on a grip without this vice.  A golf specific vice is built with rubber jaws that allow you to gently grip the graphite without breaking it. IMPORTANT: Always clamp the smallest section of the shaft first and move up.  Gripping to high can cause shaft breakage.

3. Pure Grips air gun attachment - Required. This small attachment is designed specifically for golf grip installation. I have heard of other methods, but its really not worth the struggle. The gun attachment makes the job easy.

4. Grips - Pure grips are made 100% from rubber and are specifically designed for air application. Other grips, use at your own RISK!

Proper steps for golf grip installation.

1. Place your golf club in the vice. Clamp down softly and make sure the club is secure and won't move.

2. Open the grip and work it onto the butt end of the shaft. 

3. Once grip tip is on the shaft.  Grab back of grip and install gun.

4. Lightly hold grip in left hand. 

5. Keep grip level and give bursts of air with gun.  This is key to getting the grip to go on smoothly. 

6. Push forward as you give burst of air with constant pressure.

7. Once the grip is fully seated, hold the grip firm in left hand to make sure air doesn't cause grip to fly off.

8. Check to make sure your grip is lined up properly and fully seated.

That's it! Your done. I hope this short guide will help you install golf grips with air.

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