Golf Etiquette: What It Is & Why It Matters

In golf, integrity and etiquette are of the utmost importance. While it may seem that all the rules might remove some of the joy from the game, the reverse is actually true - the purpose of golf etiquette is to make the game as enjoyable as it can be, as well as protect the courses and equipment from damage.

Whether you are looking for information about golf etiquette or want to learn what the best golf clubs for high handicap are, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about golf etiquette and why it is important. 

What does etiquette mean in golf?

The most simple definition of golf etiquette is that it refers to all rules designed to make golf safe and enjoyable for all the players on the course. While not all the rules and practices are formal,  they are generally customary for all players. In fact, showing consideration on the course is essential in golf, and breaching the official rules of golf might be a minefield for amateur golfers. 

Although golf rules and etiquette are closely related, etiquette is generally considered to be what you should or shouldn’t do, while rules refer to what you must or mustn't do on the course. Both the golf etiquette and rules are important for ensuring fair play and minimizing the risks of course and equipment damage. 

Why is golf etiquette important?

Golf is a sport largely steeped in tradition. If you are a golfer trying to improve, you should pay as much attention to learning the proper etiquette as you do to training. This is because etiquette is there for a couple of important reasons. These are: 

  • Golf etiquette keeps golfers safe 
  • Golf etiquette maintains good pace of play 
  • Golf etiquette keeps the game enjoyable for all players
  • Golf etiquette prevents equipment damage 
  • Golf etiquette maintains the quality of the golf course 

As you can see, golf etiquette is a crucial aspect of the game. It is important for golfers of all ages and skill levels to learn and respect the traditions of golf, particularly in terms of etiquette, as this can be of immense help when trying to become a better golfer. 

What are the three categories of golf etiquette?

There are three main categories of golf etiquette that all players are expected to observe. These include: 


All golfers are expected to show consideration and integrity while playing. This category may include proper behaviors such as turning off your electronic devices or distracting other players in any way, being honest, not standing in front of other player’s lines when putting, as well as  following all other rules and applying penalties. 

Pace of play 

Pacing is essential in golf, especially when it is predetermined in tournaments. In order to prevent slow play, make sure to be ready to play whenever it is your turn as well as invite the group behind you to play through if they have caught up with your group. Generally, golfers should attempt to stay close behind the group ahead of theirs but try not to be pressured by the group that is behind.  

Golf course care 

You and your group should make sure that you leave the course in the condition that you found it in. This may include activities such as smoothing out footprints and holes in bunker sand, replacing divots, repairing any ball-marks, as well as observing all notices and signs present on the course. You should always do your best to prevent unnecessary damage to the golf course. 

What are the five rules of golf etiquette?

If you want to make sure that you are observing all the most important rules of golf etiquette, we’ve prepared a brief guide of five of the most important considerations you should make while playing:

  1. Respect other people’s time 

Make sure to arrive at the course at least 20-30 before you’re scheduled to play. Use this time to practice a couple of putts and warm up. Also, you should avoid cancelling at the last minute if you want to be invited to the course again. Being late to the game is incredibly inconsiderate to your playing partners and will surely spoil their fun. 

  1. Stay quiet during the game

While a fellow player is playing a shot, make sure to keep quiet and not distract them in any way/ This includes turning off or silencing your phone and any other electronic devices you may have. Also, make sure not to undo your glove Velcro while others are playing - do this in between shots. 

  1. Pacing is key 

Taking your time while playing doesn’t mean that you have to be slow. You should strive to be efficient and effective as much as you can. Try not to take longer than 30-45 seconds when checking the lie, selecting a club, anticipating the swing, and taking your shot. Don’t wait for your turn to come before you start gauging the distance and planning your shot. 

  1. Don’t lose your cool 

Nobody likes losing, that’s just a fact of life. But, trust us, losing your temper on the course can be much worse. If you lose your cool, you’ll kill the vibe for other players and risk not being invited again. Not losing your temper means not swearing after each shot, not throwing and breaking clubs, and any other expressions of anger. 

  1. Mind your step 

While others are putting, make sure to say out of their lines. Never stand directly behind a golfer’s ball or 45° over their back shoulder as this is bound to distract the player. Instead, stand between 90° and 45° to the golfer’s chest and at least 2-3 yards from their ball. 

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