Factory Direct Golf Clubs Lead Us to 10,000 Facebook Likes!

Factory Direct Golf Clubs Lead Us to 10,000 Facebook Likes!

BombTech Golf's Facebook page has reached 10,000 likes thanks to you! I wanted to share what this meant for BombTech Golf and our business model....It's all about YOU.

BombTech Golf's business model is the exact opposite of all the big Golf companies (Taylormade, Callaway, Nike, etc.). I don't sponsor athletes to play our products and you won't find our products in retail stores. Why? It's very simple really. My only focus is on the product and our customer, YOU. By offering our products direct, I can spend more money on the product quality and have the ability to communicate with the people that matter, that's YOU again.  This also insures that I get YOU the right set up for your game.

Ok...But where can you demo it? I totally understand that you want to swing the Grenade, but since I don't sell retail there is no way for to provide locations for you to try. For this reason, I offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Go out to the actual course and play it for 60 days! That's a lot better than swinging into a net. And our return rate is only 1%!

Have you ever been able to talk to the owner of Taylormade? No, and even when they were smaller you wouldn't have either because they're focus was on retail. This means that the retail associates are suppose to know everything about the 5,000 products on the shelves. And are responsible for helping you get fit while hitting the club inside into a net....How does that compare to 60 days on the course!

The point is to say thanks to all those that have made this possible. The 10,000 Facebook Fans and our thousands of customers proves that if you make great products and focus on the customer, you can compete and win against the big brands in golf!

So thanks for joining our team and supporting our factory direct golf club approach.

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