Fastest Golf Driver Ball Speeds In The Industry

Fastest Golf Driver Ball Speeds In The Industry – No Marketing! Just Engineering.


All the major golf companies promise more distance and accuracy with each golf driver they release to the market. But are they longer and straighter than previous models? I want to cut through the BS and explain how the Grenade golf driver compares to the major OEM’s.

The chart above was conducted by an actual golfer at, which is an independent golf equipment blog. I had no knowledge that this test was being conducted and I had no influence on what drivers were used or the parameters for the testing. With that said, the results speak for themselves. The Grenade golf driver has the highest ball speeds against every golf equipment company. Higher ball speeds lead to more distance, it is that simple. Well not completely…but pretty much.

If I had any influence, I would have asked the golfer to use our X flex driver shaft instead of our S flex. This would have further increased our results in the head to head test. Note: Cleveland golf driver was custom fit with a X flex.

So, why did the Grenade golf driver show a higher ball speeds and more distance in this test?

Reason 1: The Grenade golf driver utilizes a dual cavity design that reduces drag. The Grenade dual cavity shape versus a traditional shaped driver showed a 48% reduction in drag. Less drag equals higher club head speeds.

Reason 2: The Grenade is tour weighted at 199 grams head weight. This weight combined with reduction in drag creates higher ball speeds.

More Mass X More Club Head Speed = More Ball Speed (Which Means More Distance)

Reason 3: The 2 piece cast plasma weld construction is an extremely precise but expensive process. I decided to manufacture the Grenade golf driver in this manner because it offers tighter tolerances, durability and sound. Most importantly it means that the Grenade can be closer to the legal limit for COR and still be legal. Other golf companies that use a four piece forged process can’t get so close to the legal COR limit due to the wider tolerances in there production process.

No BS, just engineering!

The Grenade golf driver is backed by a 120 day guarantee! Prove it to yourself.

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