How to hit your golf driver longer

How to hit your golf driver longer! I mean, who doesn't want to hit your golf driver longer!

There is so much misinformation about golf and specifically how to gain distance that I felt obligated to give you my “how to” guide to distance.

I am not the longest golfer in the world, but I have recorded a number of 360+ yard drives. And I was not always that long..

So how can you hit your golf driver longer? You are going hate me for saying this, but gaining distance and hitting your golf driver long takes time and practice. I mean if you want to be really long.

The first step is to find your baseline. How far are you currently hitting your driver? Go to the range and hit a small bucket of balls. How far was your longest drive? And how far are your average drives?

Use your average driving distance for your baseline.

Now that your baseline average driving distance has been established. It is time to develop a plan to gain yards.

Before we get into the training there are a few tips that can help you gain distance without practicing.


1. Open your stance. A narrow stance will give you a weak base to turn and pivot on.

2. Open your right heel to about 10 degrees. This more open back heel position will allow for a larger hip turn without any practice or training.

3. Tee the ball higher! A high tee height will allow for a higher initial launch angle. I like to think of it as teeing up from the second story when others are hitting from the first. Many long drive professionals use a 4 inch tee that is barely in the ground. Please note: this is not an easy adjustment and will take practice

4. Swing up at the ball. You can’t have an upward swing path without a higher tee, so once you tee it high, practice hitting up on the ball. This will create a higher launch and less spin.

5. Rotate in balance. It is very common for the average golfer to get off balance when they attempt to hit it longer. This will instantly rob you off any distance potential. Balance will only help you strike the ball better thus resulting in more distance.

These quick tips will help you gain a few yards. Now for those that are willing to put in the work. Here are a few practice guidelines to gain distance that will shock your friends.

Practice. No one likes to do it, but practice is key to getting better at anything. And how you practice is what will separate you from the average golfers.

GO TO THE RANGE! Hit your driver….A lot. haha. But seriously, you need to go to the driving range and swing for the fences. If you have not done this before. Prepare yourself, you will likely be sore after. The first day you are at the range, only hit a small bucket. Hitting golf balls at 100% power for a small bucket seems easy, but this will test your body and help you understand the challenge that is distance.

Power tip – once you have hit your longest golf ball of the range session, stop. Once you go beyond this point, you are over training and actually hurting your distance. Remember this is a sprint not a marathon, so hitting 10 xxl buckets of golf balls will not help. Hitting a small bucket at maximum speed and power then stopping at the longest golf ball is the best way to train for distance.

Rest. Now that you are hitting golf balls at full power, you need to rest. Hitting golf balls every single day at 100% will not help your distance at all. Taking a day off between power range sessions is vital to growing your muscles and getting faster.

Stretch. You will see that not all of the long ball hitters are big guys. How? They are flexible. Proper stretching will help you create a stronger coil and larger swing arc. When you are not at the driving range stretch your hips. A simple hip flex lean stretch for 4 sets of 10 seconds with deep breathing will help open your hips. Having flexible and quick hip movement is the best way to gain speed quickly.  

SWING THOUGHT QUICK TIP: When swinging for more distance think about swinging fast not swinging hard. When you try to swing hard, your muscles will  tighten and you actually end up hitting it shorter. Think fast to be fast.

Last key. Stay loose. Seriously, having loose hands, shoulders and hips will allow your body to rotate quicker and create more lag.

DISTANCE TAKEAWAYS: Stay loose, swing fast not hard, balance and tee it high to let it fly. 

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If I can do it. You can do it. Hit your golf driver longer now!

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