Finding New Customers And How To Use Golf For Business

Finding New Customers And How To Use Golf For Business

There is nothing quite like an early morning golf game on a workday. You get to enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and putt around on a golf cart while enjoying a game you love. The slower pace of a golf game compared to other sports allow you time to talk with your opponents and build friendships. If you could just improve your golf score, you could make a living playing professionally. There are ways to play more often and make it part of your workday. Here’s how to use golf for business.

Getting Your Client’s Time

You might think the only way to find new business is at a customer’s business with a fancy presentation and flashy video. It is not. You can invite a prospective customer who enjoys golf out for an early morning game. When the two of you spend a morning golfing, you have this person’s attention and time. You will not want to make the entire game an extended sales pitch, but you can certainly bring up business over a snack at the club before returning to the office. Golf is a great way to get a hard to reach client to give you some of their valuable time.

Building Relationships

As a business owner, you know that price and quality are only part of the reason you do business with one company instead of another. In some cases, it is about the personal relationship you have with another firm. Playing golf with business associates is a great way to find new customers. You will find a lot out about each other and the things you have in common. This makes them more likely to business with your firm.

Trust Building

You do business with people you trust to come through in a pinch and act ethically at all times. You will learn a lot about each other’s ethics, integrity and sportsmanship on the golf course. On the golf course, it is your time to show a prospective client what a good sport you are and how much integrity you have. Never forget, you are a reflection on your business.

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