Do you play better golf in a group or by yourself?

Do you play better golf in a group or by yourself?

Back in my glory days I use to play golf everyday. I would say half the time I played by myself and the other half was with another golfer or a group. For me personally, I found that I shot my lowest scores when some pressure was on. Whether that meant playing with a group or in an actual match against someone. Although, I did have some low rounds by myself. I found myself more focused on shooting low when in a group, whereas when I played by myself I focused on quality shots and practice. I tend to try more shots and play less conservative when playing by myself as well.

Although their is no right answer to this question. I wanted to see what our Facebook fans thought. This is what they had to say.


Ben D. Stoneberg - By myself

Travis Campbell - I suck regardless of company

T Merck - Depends if I get to use the toe wedge with the group

Tim Johnson - Group

James Sameshima - Normally I play better on my own.

Steven J. LeJeune - With a group, if they are as good or better than me.

Ben Lampkin I play better when there's a bet!

Eddie Galvan - With a group.

Ray Kaufmann Jr. - Self, but that takes some of the fun out of it

Jeff Behounek - I tend to cheat by myself....

Jet Anthony Armstrong - By myself

Dave Raudenbush - I lose concentration by myself.

Ralph Parete - With a group

Kirby Oaks - With a group. I actually focus and also relax

Mike Hallee - Group if the talent is equal or better than me

Marty McDonald -Group

So, what do you think? Do you play better golf by yourself or with a group?

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