Golf Industry - Accountability

Golf Industry - Whose fault is it?

Recently it seems that everyone is talking about how bad the golf industry is, whether you are a golf course, retail shop or equipment manufacturer. It appears that everyone is blaming the industry for their lack of growth and lack of success. Before I started BombTech Golf I was in sales for a variety of industries, from photocopiers to medical devices to geotechnical engineering products. I have seen it all, well until golf!

Each industry has their own challenges, just like golf. But someone is having success even in a shrinking or tough market in all those industries. So is golf any different? No, but it is the first time the large manufacturers are seeing or finally realizing the impact. The big OEM's are finding out that a new product launch ever 2 months is not the answer. Flooding the market with equipment and dropping prices, well guess what that doesn't work in any industry. Whether you are selling photocopiers or medical devices.

Golf courses are closing too. Why? Because too many were built when no golfers were demanding it. Similar to the housing bubble that burst over the last few years. Basic supply and demand.

Yes, the golf industry is not growing every year, but anyone or any company can be successful when the markets are growing. The golf market is still MASSIVE to say the least, at roughly 25 million golfers in the United States alone. It is those companies and people in golf that are accountable for their services or product that are successful. Whether you are a small pro shop, a golf pro giving lessons or an equipment manufacturer it is possible to be successful when things aren't perfect.

This accountability holds true for any industry. You can blame Tiger Woods, the golf industry, internet sales and your sales reps, but it comes down to you as the owner to be accountable for your business and not blame it on any other outside factors.

Once you do this for your business and even your golf game, you will be successful and even play better golf. Don't blame the wind, the grass length, the golf industry. Take a look at what you offer s a service or product and make it better or just keep blaming everything else.

Remember, someone is shooting lower scores than you and someone is making it in a "tough" industry.

For BombTech, it is about YOU! Because your support has allowed the company and I to grow in a down industry. Thank you for being on our team and believing in our products and services.

This video supports it well! Jon Taffer is a legend!

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