Sully's Quest for 80 | Getting Comfortable With My Swing Again (Episode 4)

Hey guys,

Sully here from BombTech Golf. I've made it my personal mission for 2018 to start playing more golf and consistently break 80! I haven't been playing much at all in recent years because happens. And my game started to suffer because of this year I'm going to be playing more!

This video records my first round of the season. It was pretty cold and the course was in rough shape, but I had a great time. Rode the bogey train for a while, but then I started to get comfortable with my swing again, got my yardages down, and started sticking some shots!

Overall, it went better than I expected.

Highlight of the round: Punch shot from in the woods, the ball was completely covered in mud...I was able to thread the needle to get it up on the green! Chris said it was impossible, I should have put some money on it. $$$

Finished off with a birdie on the last hole which felt great and will keep me coming back!

It was good to get out on the course finally and get comfortable with my swing again, that was the biggest challenge.

Video Transcript:

Quest for 80 episode 4, 9 holes, par is 35, hole number leg right about 300 yards. I am hitting driver, I am hitting it easy. I am going to try to go between the rock and the trees. First hole bogey not very pretty but with the tempt greens I'll take a bogey.

Temporary greens Catamount number 2, one over par, no tee going with the BombTech 60 degree wedge. Wind downhill so I'm going to hit it easy. Chris just sent me my charts for distance, I'm 2 over through 2, swing is feeling know first round of the year, quest for 80 here we go!

BombTech hole 3, temp greens, 2 over swing is feeling excellent. Yea it’s 72 degrees of insanity, I am about 25 yards out maybe 30. Ready for this mega flop?

Hole 4, someone didn’t like this hole they put a ball right through it. Par 3, nice house in the background, 120. I am going easy P wedge 119, going to get a lot of judgement on that call. Gotta hammer this, murder zone, that is not bad guys. Temporary greens, first par of the year!

Alright guys, we are on hole 5 here, I just made my first par of the year, temporary green par 3. This is next hole is what, a par 5? I am on my third shot, thick woods I just blasted it in here on my second shot going for 3. Smart move would be to punch it out back, but there are no smart moves when you pull the pin! I have got an 8 iron in the mud, Chris thinks I am not getting out, here we go. Yes! Right through, go see that. Check that out dude right through the woods, that is the shot of my life. I am going to use the same club, this is my trusty club now. 8 iron, sit, too much, too much.

That was a rough hole but a good save though. Best save of my life from the woods to make a bogey. We are on hole 6 par 3 and short one super windy going to play short. So only 5 over through 6, par 35 see if we can shoot 40 today. That felt nice not going to lie!

Hole 7, we are cruising today on this warm day, I made another par somehow, everyone gets lucky, another par. So I am only 4 over 5 over? I’ll tell you at the end. There you go, real golf shot.

It’s hole 9 I am Facebook live, under pressure. That is an auto par not bad, what do you guys think here, think I can make that for birdie? Here we go goes birdie putt, dude quest for 80...I'm going to shoot a 39 today. Temp greens, birdie putt, everyone's Facebook live I like it. I don’t know dude just like that is that how you make a birdie, first birdie on hole 9!

First 9 of the year, I just went Facebook live and finished the 9th hole with a birdie so I have to go live every time. 4 over, 39 on quest for 80 round number 1 in the books. Episode 4, quest for 80 first day out, may have to quest for 70. Alright guys, pull the pin!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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  • @Nick Awesome to hear, are you gaming BombTech irons? Do you have any tips for me to improve my game?

    Tyler "Sully" Sullivan on
  • @Gerry C. Thank you for the tips, will focus on getting my confidence back in my swing and taking one shot at a time. What is your favorite club?

    Tyler "Sully" Sullivan on
  • @Matt Thank you, definitely have things to work on and will hit the driving range to work on those things. Have you been able to get out for a round yet this year?

    Tyler "Sully" Sullivan on
  • @John Sabourin Thanks for the comment. First round of the year trying to get back into the swing of things and get comfortable and get my tempo back. We no longer have the simulator so I am forcing myself to play everyday so I can fulfill my personal quest for 80! Got any tips?

    Tyler "Sully" Sullivan on
  • I’ll give you the Temp greens AND the wind,( and the great out from the trees), but for someone who has access to their own simulator, you looked a little tight swinging out there. Good 4 over.

    John Sabourin on

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