Five ways to improve your long distance golf game

Five ways to improve your long distance golf game

If you've been trying to improve your golf game, you'll get a lot of mileage from learning how to improve those long distance drives. There are a number of ways to improve your long game, including these 5 tried-and-true tips.

1. Maintain a relaxed posture - Keeping your body and mind relaxed can be the key to getting more distance out of your shots. When you are relaxed, you can get more speed in your swing. This leads to greater distance. When your muscles are tense, you cannot derive the same speed and thus your shots will not have the same impact.

2. Widen your stance on long shots - Taking a slightly wider stance on long shots gives you a wider base of support. This can increase your stability and balance, two essentials for getting in a really good strike on the ball.

3. Swing rhythmically - A rhythmic swing, which opens up on the backswing and closes at the point of impact, is the key to achieving a long drive. Practice this move until you develop muscle memory and you will see it pay off in play.

4. Get the most power from your long distance golf drivers: A good driver will do wonders for your golf game, but only if you know how to maximize its power. Work on moving the club with your whole body, and not just your hands, to increase your power.

5. Make driving range time really count: Get the most out of your driving range time by switching between your long range clubs every few swings. Instead of aiming for the same spot each time you shoot, vary your target. This will improve your ability to drive the ball down the green.

With regular practice, these tips will improve your long distance game.

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