Golf Club Driver Heads For Sale

Golf Club Driver Heads For Sale

You have spoken and we are listening. BombTech Golf is now offering our Grenade golf club driver heads for sale. Due to the input from our customers, the decision has been made to offer the golf club driver heads for sale for our customers.

In addition, the Matrix Grenade shafts are also available to purchase as a component. If you are a first time club builder, please read our article on custom club building supplies and how to build a golf driver to get started.

Please contact us if you want to talk about club building and custom golf equipment.

One question I was being asked often about our golf club driver heads, Is there a difference between the green cavities and the back cavities?

The answer is NO. The original Grenade golf driver heads were painted with black cavities as I was going for a sleek and stealthy look. As time went on, Facebook fans began asking for green cavities. I decided to put it a vote and many golfers decided that green was the way to go. Since that point the green golf driver heads are now outselling the black golf driver heads by 8 to 1. It makes me ask the question, should the black be phased out!

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  • How much are the driver heads? I am interested in buying one.

    Gregory Marquart on
  • How much are the driver heads?

    Gregory Marquart on

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