How to hit better golf shots under pressure?

How to hit better golf shots under pressure?

We all have felt it. Those tense shots on the first tee, or the must make putt on the 18th. No matter what level golf you play you will benefit from knowing how to hit better golf shots under pressure. Who better to teach us how to hit better golf shots under pressure then Ben Hogan.

Two easy steps:

Step 1:

One of Ben Hogan’s many secrets was to slow it down. He meant slow everything down, I mean everything. On a tournament day, he would actually drive half the posted speed limit. That’s right, half! This mindset and approach to pressure situations allowed him to stay composed and hit good golf shots. Next time you have the time, drive a little slower, walk a little slower and most importantly breathe slower..But still remember to breathe.

I recently had a golf event that put me in a high pressure situation all day. I was asked to hit golf balls in front of everyone at the golf course. Needless to say it was a perfect way to test Ben Hogan's mindset during a pressure situation. I found that I really had to think about slowing it down and be conscious of how fast I was breathing and moving. I found myself at one point feeling the pressure and breathing fast and moving too fast. I literally just sat down for a moment to slow down my body and it helped. I won't say I hit perfect shots all day but it did help me maintain composure and perform better under those pressure situations.

Step 2:

Practice under pressure! Many golfers do not put themselves in enough pressure situations before entering a tournament, club championship or that ever important round of golf with your boss. The only way to feel less pressure and perform better during high pressure situation is to practice in those circumstances.

How do I practice under pressure? Take a golf partner to the driving range and ask him to watch you hit specific shots. Don’t just have your partner watch you hit balls into the trees. Pick out a yard marker or flag stick and call each shot. That type of confidence and pressure to execute the shot will help you become more accustomed to high pressure situations and shots.

So practice and slow down to hit better golf shots under pressure!

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