What is the best gift for a golfer that has everything?

What is the best gift for a golfer that has everything? So really, what is the best golf gift?

Being a golfer that has everything, I know how difficult it can be to shop for. The difficult task of finding that right golf gift becomes even more difficult when the one purchasing the gift doesn't play golf!! But even if they do that doesn't help, haha.

Instead of telling you what to get. We are going tell you the top 10 worst golf gifts as voted by our Facebook Fans. Thanks to all those golfers that participated!

Top 10 worst golf gifts for a golfer! Do not buy these gifts.

1. Matt Alt My sister-in-law got me this for Christmas last year and it went straight in a dumpster the next few days...(Picture) to the left.

2. Mike Hallee A golf hat that says #1 Dad from one of your children (actually the wife). So the first time you go to play golf they ask you why you are not wearing that the gave to you as a gift for fathers day!!!!

3. Steven Diana Rice any right handed club-I'm left handed if you didn't figure it out'''''lol

4. Mitchell Thurman I got the worst gift that I didn't know even existed until I got it. I got a golf bag cleaning kit. It came with a cleaning towel and a little bottle of cleaning solution.

5. David Hollis A "golf" themed tie! Hahaha

6. Matthew Waldron My USGA Handicap card...made me cry.

7. James Sameshima A golf pen business card holder.

8. Michael E. Stegall a Long ball retriever!!

9. Na-Jeong Kim That thing you put on the top of your putter so you don't need to bend down to pick up your ball when it's in the cup.

10. Mike Mccormick the golf dice game.... so you can play that instead of golf while its raining


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