Golf Shaft Flex Chart

How to choose the right golf shaft flex?

Let me say, that every golf shaft company varies in their flex ratings and measurements. This chart is designed to give you a basic guideline for most golf driver shafts.

What can you expect if you choose the wrong golf shaft flex for your unique golf swing?

1. Too stiff - You are playing a golf driver shaft flex that is too stiff. What can you expect? Your trajectory will be low and to the right with a loss in distance potential.

2. Too soft - You are playing a golf driver shaft flex that is too soft, what can you expect? The common assumption is that you will be hitting a large fade or slice because it is too soft. This is incorrect. You can play a softer shaft and be penalized less than playing a shaft that is too stiff. Although it will take more practice on timing and tempo, a golfer can always go down a flex and not hinder there game as much as going up in flex.

For example: My average swing speed is around 118-120 mph and I normally swing Stiff flex. I have played an entire round of golf with an Regular flex in my driver. Although it felt "whippy" and played soft, I was able to find the fairway all day and still have good distance.

With this said, let's find you the right flex right off the bat! I hope this golf flex chart shown above helps you choose the right golf shaft flex.

We offer 2 options in our BombTech Driver seen below.  What flex will you choose?

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Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Tyler "Sully" Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder Since 2012 

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  • Hey Robert,

    S-Flex typically stands for STIFF flex and A typically stands for SENIOR flex. Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the golf shaft flex chart.

    Tyler Sullivan on
  • What is a S-flex? Stiff or senior?

    Robert Harold Montague on

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