Grenade Golf Wedge Donation to the First Tee!

First Tee Wedge Donation

So in business, as in life, things inevitably go wrong.

I recently manufactured a 52, 56 and 60 Grenade golf wedge. Unfortunately, 250 of them arrived with some cosmetic damages. The golf industry is complicated and this type of thing can just happen.

So what do you do with a bunch of product that is slightly damaged? You donate them! Or at least that is what I am doing. Having decided this, I reached out to our local Vermont chapter for The First Tee. They put me in contact with their corporate office and we are shipping out all 250 wedges to their headquarters.

These golf wedges could easily have been sold and I hate losing money like this, but why not take a negative situation and make something positive happen? The First Tee is all about instilling values in young people through the game we have all come to love. I figured that I should take their lead and pay it forward.

To this day I remember many moments playing golf while growing up. It truly is a lifelong sport and I am very happy to be helping out an organization that contributes to this. The First Tee does some amazing work for a great cause and I hope that this goes a long way. Hopefully it even helps their game a little bit!

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