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So it’s no secret BombTech Golf has been growing like crazy. More and more people are pulling the pin every day! Growth is great, but with it comes many more responsibilities and daily tasks. Sully is a pretty talented guy and does a fantastic job operating this company, but it got to a point where he needed a little extra help to keep things running smoothly. So after collaborating with BombTech for my senior project, Sully decided to bring me on to help out.

My name is Chris Petitt and I recently graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. College was fun, school was hard, and working for BombTech was awesome.

I’m a golfer and have been playing since I was young. Wish I could play more these days but I suppose working for a golf equipment company is the next best thing, right?

I’ve been helping Sully out with the blog posts, fielding customer inquiries, and hosting demo days. To say I have learned a lot would be an understatement. I pretty much help out wherever needed and assist in whatever needs to be done. Guess I don’t really have an official title, but I won’t complain being considered VP. But really, Sully and BombTech are great and I’m loving it. So keep a look out for me in the videos and whatnot and feel free to reach out!

 Thanks guys.

- Chris

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