Tour Golf Professional Review of the Grenade Golf Driver

Grenade Golf Driver Review – Sam Goulden Golf

Sam Goulden is a great guy and a tour golf professional who discusses all things golf on his YouTube channel. He’s very knowledgeable and great to watch. We sent him a Grenade golf driver to get his thoughts and this is what he had to say:

So I don’t really do product reviews but I met this guy named Sully and he told me all about his company BombTech Golf. He called me up and was looking for some advice regarding their Grenade golf drivers. After talking with him for a couple of hours I thought he had a great product and that I needed to try it out.

I was pretty excited he was sending out a golf driver but I really did not expect too much… However, after testing it out and playing a few holes I really liked the feel of the golf club and how I was hitting the golf ball. I liked it so much I ended up playing with the Grenade golf driver in my next professional tournament and posted a 69 in the first round and 65 in the second! Those were my two best tournament scores so far that year and I did it with a golf driver I literally just started hitting. Needless to say, the Grenade golf driver actually works.

To me, this golf driver has two huge things going for it:


    • 1)It is a 2-piece construction. Most drivers have 4 pieces that are all welded together. Having this many pieces creates many different weld points and makes it difficult to produce a consistent product regarding head weight and center of gravity. The Grenade golf driver, having only a face and body piece welded together, is a much more consistent product with less welding points.


  • 2)It has these two channels, or cavities, on the sole of the driver head. This not only improves the aerodynamics of the golf club head by reducing drag, but also pushes the center of gravity higher up on the club face. Doing this takes spin off the golf ball at impact and prevents the likelihood of hitting a “ballooning” golf shot. In other words, it provides a very penetrating ball flight that actually does maximize distance off the tee. A true testament to this fact is I have been playing with the 10.5 degree Grenade golf driver. In the past I could NEVER play a driver with such a high degree of loft… the golf ball would just go too high and I would lose distance. However, even though the BombTech Grenade has a 10.5 degree loft, I get that penetrating flight due to the lower golf ball spin rate.

And again, I had no expectations to be putting this club into my golf bag and start playing tournaments with it… but it’s a really great product. Against anything else out there I do not believe you will find a golf driver with a higher performance and quality.

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