High Moi Custom Golf Putter - Nearly Complete

High MOI Custom Golf Putter

The Grenade golf putter is nearly finished. It has been in design for nearly a year and will cap off our 2nd major golf design collaboration with the University of Vermont Engineering Program. As with all of our golf products, the custom putter was engineered with a purpose. Our purpose, reduce twisting and improve accuracy on mis-hit putts by utilizing a HIGH Moi Design and heavy weight.

Putter performance is further increased by using a precision CNC milling process.

What you need to know:

- 100% Made In USA

- Hand Painted

- Custom Built For Your Length

- E-Nickel Coating For Audible Feedback

- Carbon Steel For Soft Feel

Golf Putter Specs:

-Clubhead Mass: 445 grams

- Clubhead Moment of Inertia: ~5900 grams*cm^2

- Volume: 56 cm^3

- Center of mass: 1.75 cm behind the clubface, 0.37 cm above ground

- Lie Angle: 70*

- Loft Angle: 3*

- Shaft Location: Center

- Weight Position: Majority of weight positioned on outer 20% of geometry

- Groove Pattern: Linear symmetric circles

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