10 Tips on Making a Successful Swing Change

Changing your swing can be one of the most difficult things to do when you’re a golfer. Your swing is who you are on the course, and having to change it is like having to change your personality. You don’t want to do it, you feel awkward in the beginning, but in the end it all becomes worth it. In golf, changing your personality is something else entirely. 

While treating yourself with a new premium golf club for sale from one of the unique golf brands available on the market will surely boost your game, a change in your swing can transform it and elevate your game to new heights. However, that’s only if you do it successfully, and that’s easier said than done. 

How can I successfully change my swing?

Successfully changing your swing brings a whole new level to your game. However, to reap the benefits of a swing change, you need to do it properly. This process carries its own set of challenges and risks, and you need to be familiar with them to make the most out of your endeavor. 

Here’s how you should approach your swing change:

1. Your flight tells you when it’s time to change

First and foremost, don’t start changing your swing because your golfing buddy who’s more experienced than you tells you to do so. Swing is instinctive as much as it’s technical, and you’re the only one who should decide if it’s not working anymore. Also, don’t start making changes just because you think your swing is becoming boring. Start making changes to your swing if you’re not satisfied with your ball flight, direction, and control. 

2. Refrain from doing it all alone

However, just because you feel and notice it’s time to change your swing doesn’t mean you should only rely on your feeling and comfort while changing it. Instructors like to say that feel and real are very different things, and that’s why you will require the help of a teacher to help you change your swing. 

Picking up new clubs that feel great in the hand is one thing. Making significant changes to your swing requires detailed diagnosis and analysis, and you can’t do everything on your own. 

3. You have to commit to it

Making both minor and major changes to your swing requires a great deal of commitment. This is a process that can last for some time until you start feeling comfortable with your new swing, and it’s a process that requires a lot of patience. 

It will feel unnatural at first, and that will make the entire procedure seem more difficult than it actually is. It’s nowhere near as easy as picking up a premium golf club set on sale from a unique golf club brand, but is incredibly rewarding. 

4. Swing change and swing tips are not the same thing

As useful as adopting new tips on enhancing your swing can be, at least for a brief time, it shouldn't be used interchangeably with a swing change. Everybody loves adopting a swing tip or two to help them achieve a better distance or a more precise shot. 

However, making significant changes to your swing will yield better, more consistent, and in the end a lot more worthy results than simply adopting some tips for your swing. 

5. Doing it right doesn’t mean it feels good

Changing your swing often means that you have to either change your entire motion, make significant changes to your setup and grip, or, most often – both. And that won’t feel comfortable in the beginning, and probably for some time during the process. If it does feel comfortable when you’re just starting to make changes to your swing – it probably means you’re not doing everything right. But don’t fret – it will feel great again once you complete the process. 

6. Adopt slow-motion practices

One of the most important aspects of a swing change is practice, especially slow-motion practice. You can even exaggerate your new movement to get accustomed to them more quickly. Begin very slowly and with plenty of repetition. As you start getting more and more comfortable with the new movement, gradually speed your swing up until you achieve consistency and comfort at full speed. 

7. Get into a good and consistent rhythm

However, getting your swing back up to its full speed is only one part of the puzzle. You also have to adopt a good, solid, and consistent rhythm during every swing you practice to make it worthwhile. Swing is as much about rhythm as it is about speed and flow. 

When practicing, try to ensure you’re swinging in correct and repeatable sequences. This will grant you proper balance, which is necessary for precise and long shots. 

8. Test your swing change

Changing the swing is not only about the practice – it’s also about the testing. So when you become comfortable enough with your new and improved swing, take it out for a test drive to the course. See if it’s helping you in the aspects of your game that warranted a change in the first place. If the results are lacking, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, identify areas of improvement, and get to work. 

9. Pay attention to your short game as well

It’s very easy to become so absorbed in focusing on your driving swing and forget that your short game also requires modification. Working hard to improve your full swing is extremely important, but not at the expense of neglecting your short game and making your chips and putts suffer. 

10. Don’t lose sight of your goal

Finally, remember to not lose sight of the very reason you wanted to change your swing in the first place. This process can take time, and it can get difficult at times. It is then that you need to remember what you’re hoping to achieve with your swing and why you want to improve it. Keeping your eye on the prize will keep you motivated and get you through the inevitable rough patches. 

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Making a change to your swing is important if you notice that something’s simply off in your game. Maybe the distances are low, or your accuracy is lacking. Having a solid swing is just as important as being mentally strong while you golf and not allowing the inevitable setbacks to shake  you up. However, swing changes generally come later.

However, there’s a lot you should do before that. First, explore the biggest misconceptions of golf and see what the biggest mistakes you can make in golf are. And avoid them! Then, see what great benefits golf can bring into your life and learn more about the most important hacks that can boost your game. But before all that – think about the clubs.

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