10 Common Misconceptions About Golf

Golf is one of the most misunderstood activities in the world. It’s not surprising that there are a lot of misconceptions about golf, making it hard for newcomers to this beautiful game to distinguish between truth and fiction. Some of the most common myths about golf include that it’s too difficult or not as athletically challenging as some other sports.

And that’s all even before you pick up your clubs. Then new trouble begins – which new golf club types and sets do you choose among the many new club releases for 2021. You can’t play without clubs, but choosing them quickly becomes a tall order. However, even that’s just the start – there are many more misconceptions about golf in circulation. 

What are the most prominent misconceptions in golf?

Some golfing misconceptions will stop you from even giving this beautiful game a try. Others will not only hamper your progress toward becoming a proficient, low-handicap player – they will put a stop to it. Working on improving your game means little if you’re not doing it right. That’s why it’s important to shed some light on the false rumors that can hold you back. 

1. Fast swings equal far hits

Having a fast swing is great, especially in certain situations, but only if you know how to properly implement it and make the most out of it. However, enthusiast golfers often make the mistake of focusing all their effort into making their sting fast, savage, and hard. 

This can actually hurt you in the long run and it’s much more important to make your swings consistent and with a regular speed. Making a good impact with the ball is more important than swinging fast. 

2. Hitting long shots is your primary goal

This is something most golfers come into contact with sooner, rather than later. Sending your ball flying far is a point of pride with people who are just starting off. However, if you’re looking to get better, lower your handicap, and become a more consistent player, long shots should not be your focus. Instead, try to hit precise shots that allow good positioning for the subsequent shots rather than just sending your ball flying far. 

3. Golf requires cautious and slow playing

Yes, you should play golf cautiously and methodically and slowly at times. But that’s not all that golf is, not by a long shot (pun intended). It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing scared golf and failing to experiment. 

The trick is in knowing when to play it safe, and when to go for a far-out shot. In fact, choosing to only play it safe will limit your room for improvement, as golf does require experimentation to get better. 

4. Golf is boring and old-fashioned

This is one of the most prominent misconceptions among the younger generation. To be honest, golf can seem a bit static at first glance. It does have a calm atmosphere around it and it can seem slow to an observer. 

But that’s all until you actually pick up the clubs, step on the grass, and start swinging. The adrenaline is real, the competition palpable, and the desire to succeed immense. And that’s when you’re hooked!

5. Golf is too difficult to learn

Honestly, yes, golf can be tough to pick up. It demands a deal of dedication and perseverance until you actually “start playing” true golf. But it’s not too hard or impossible to learn. 

The slight initial struggle only makes your every ensuing success all the sweeter. The work and the effort you put into becoming a proficient golfer begins to pale the moment you hit the perfect shot down the fairway. 

6. Playing golf is extremely expensive

There’s certainly high-ticket and overly-expensive new 2021 releases of various golf club sets and types you can purchase that will make your wallet thin very quickly. However, scratching past the surfaces and famous brands brings you top equipment at an incredibly affordable price.

There’s no rule that says you have to break the bank to play golf. Just go online and find a golf club manufacturer with an online-only model and see just how less expensive the clubs are without any compromises on the quality. 

7. Golf takes too long

A standard 18-hole golf game can be a commitment of approximately four hours, which can be too much for some people. However, who says you have to play all 18 rounds of golf? You can play nine holes and shorten your day on the field to your liking. 

If you’re really pressed for time, just visit the range and practice your shots. That’s golfing as well, but without the need to play the actual course. So no, golf doesn’t take too long – it takes as long as you like. 

8. Golf is not actually a true sport

This one’s easy to debunk – golf is a sport. Simple as that. Does it involve physical activity? Yes. Does it require skill? Yes. Does it involve competition? It most certainly does. It’s even become an olympic sport, and that’s where all discussion about golf not being a sport should end. 

9. I have to wait and get good until I visit a course

This misconception makes people vary about visiting the golf course for fear of embarrassment. And we understand why. Some people make golf out to be an elite sport where everyone will stare at you if you make a mistake. 

In reality, there’s no reason to be shy. Many golfers would be happy to help you out when you’re starting and give you tips on how to become better. Nobody will scrutinize your mistakes and make you feel bad about learning. 

10. Golf requires proper apparel

No it doesn’t. Although there are still some golf courses that feature a strict dress code, most public courses feature either no dress code, or very little of it. No need for khakis, specific shoes, or collared shirts. No one’s stopping you from enjoying a round of golf in your T-shirt and jeans. 

Who offers the best golf club sets that I can go with in 2021?

When you’re picking up golf, hearing different stories can dissuade you from playing it further. Knowing what the biggest misconceptions are is important. However, you shouldn't stop there, and you should also learn more about the most useful hacks that can boost your game, know what benefits golf brings, and be aware of the common mistakes you can make.

That’s where you start. Then, as you become a more proficient golfer, it’s time to think about improving your mental game and calming yourself on the course, and see whether you need to make any changes to your swing to enhance it. However, before all that, it’s vital to outfit yourself with the best clubs you can buy. And that’s why you should turn to BombTech Golf. 

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