How does our high MOI golf putter help your game?

How does our high MOI golf putter help your game?

First, let me thank all of our BombTech Golf team members that have pulled the pin on our limited edition golf putter!

Second, I would like to address those that have asked why we did not make a blade putter. Designing a blade and engineering a putter to perform are two different things. The putter we engineered has a specific purpose that is measurable by engineering and the golfer, YOU. As soon as we can engineer a blade with similar performance characteristics we will go into manufacturing.

So, how does our high MOI golf putter help your putting game?

The University of Vermont engineering students put the putter through extensive testing against other popular golf putters on the market. Putter testing was completed using a pendulum test rig that was custom built at the University.

Our specific design makes off-center putts roll closer to the target line (increased accuracy). Even a 1cm off-center putt shows a measurable difference in putting accuracy. How many of us hit the exact center of the putter face?? Not as many as we would like!

As you can see, the impact of missing the center of the club face is extremely measurable and shocking!

Bottom line, you WILL make more putts. Guaranteed. It's engineering not marketing!

What do you think of our high MOI golf putter?

Will you stick with your blade putter?!?

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