New Custom Golf Putter Review from Bunker's Paradise!

New Custom Golf Putter Review from Bunker's Paradise!

BombTech Golf is proud to announce that our second review of the our custom golf putter is complete. The performance results and review were outstanding!! Big thanks to Bunker's Paradise for taking the time to check out our new 100% Made In USA CNC milled putter, the Grenade.

As written by Bunker's Paradise:

In the past 2 years we have seen Bombtech Golf burst into the scene with intense engineering and quality in their flagship product, the “Grenade” driver. They quickly followed up with a booming line of fairway woods. It is safe to say that Bombtech has made a name for themselves in the distance realm, but as the old addage says “drive for show, putt for dough”.

Enter the Bombtech Grenade Putter.

The Bombtech Grenade Putter is a 445 gram, Mild Carbon Steel, CNC milled, E-nickel coated mallet of epic proportions. It was engineered to combine high MOI with a heavier than normal head to provide a stable-pendulum stroke.


Pure Engineering – 100% MADE IN USAThe Grenade golf putter was co-engineered with the University of Vermont’s Engineering department. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the high MOI Grenade golf putter. What do we consider high MOI? The Grenade golf putter offers a MOI of 5900 g*cm^2.

The Benefits of High MOI

  • Reduces club head twisting on off-center putts
  • 445 gram weight quiets hand during stroke
  • CNC milled carbon steel offers great feel and sound
  • E-Nickel coating provides audible feedback at impact
  • 50% tighter dispersion on off-center putts
  • No skip and first to roll (Video)

Precision CNC Milled Custom Golf Putter
The Grenade golf putter is CNC milled out of a solid piece of carbon steel. The CNC milling process offers the finest feel and sound available on the market today. No inserts, no forging just solid steel!

How does it look?

Just when you think you have seen every style of putter in every iteration something special happens, innovation. The Grenade putter has a wonderfully clean satin finish with the trademark neon green used as paint fill for the two horizontal alignment aids in the cavity of the putter. The undercarriage of the Grenade has the companies logo, model name “Grenade”, and “Made in Vermont” elegantly engraved with no paint, adding a classy sense of craftsmanship without a lot of flash.

Moving on to the design of the putter you will immediately notice the different, yet sexy oval that creates negative space from the back of the sweet spot to the near edge of the flange. This open design really just puts off a real sense of creativity and engineering when in contrast to the wonderful flowing lines of the rest of the mallet.

How does it feel?

I am a milled-face junkie. I believe that feel is priority #1 with a putter as it directly affects distance control and feedback. The Bombtech Grenade gets my absolute top marks in this area. The milled carbon steel combined with the heavier head-weight gave me feedback that rivals the household names in the milling game. I was able to feel a delightfully soft, yet solid impact on sweet spot strikes as well as the contrast of center-to-missed strikes as well. Toe and heel misses both gave non-harsh feedback that is a breath of fresh air as they can often be confidence-reducing.

Worth mentioning is the sound the Grenade makes. It can be classified as a metallic “ting” but I found something quite nice about the effect the open slot in the cavity had on the sound. It reverberated slightly and almost evened out the sound a bit to almost a tuning fork-like pitch. I actually really enjoyed it and found it very unique.

How does it perform?

I went into this review with a lot of excitement purely because I wanted to see just how much the “engineering” that went into this putter really affected the performance. I was not disappointed. There are a few areas in which the Grenade excels and one really important one.

The Grenade was designed with a heavy head to help induce a consistent pendulum and high MOI to avoid twisting. Bombtech did a great job in execution. I had one small issue with this design as I found that with the standard grip, if I started the putter offline with a bad stroke, it stayed offline. The pendulum effect did it’s job but almost to a fault. I was able to see what the issue was (obviously my technique was at fault) but it may speak to a certain level of forgiveness in that area and how it compromises it. I was able to adjust for this by putting a heavier grip that allowed me to feel the weight a little better for my tastes (this is a purely subjective adjustment based on my personal preferences in a putter and what works for me). It is worth noting that Bombtech offers a standard size grip as well as an oversized 120-g version.

In my eyes the most important aspect of performance is the consistency of strike off the face and how miss hits are handled. The Grenade did a phenomenal job in it’s compensation for toe and heel miss hits by keeping a great roll on the ball and deviating very little from the intended line. I found that it was among the most accurate putters I have tested to date. However, the real gem here is it’s distance control. The Grenade was so consistent in how it rolled the ball that out of about 1000 putts I have experienced 2, yes 2 “hot” putts. I have never felt as in-touch with a putter as I have the Grenade. It has provided a high level of confidence in being able to roll the ball the distances desired in a very short period of time.

Final Thoughts:

Bombtech custom golf putter has defied the odds for a start up golf company putting out products that can rival the big names in the industry. The latest release of the Grenade putter and the quality of design, engineering, and materials is an indication of how serious they are about putting out products that should not be overlooked. I am beyond impressed with the Grenade. Will it stay in my bag? That is still undecided for only 1 reason, it is a center-shafted version and I putt my best with a plumbers-neck.

Do yourself a favor and take a look.  You just might find exactly what you were looking for.

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