Get closer on lag putts

Get closer on lag putts today.

Getting close on long putts is not an easy task. Distance control, especially on long or lag putts is vital to having a short second putt.

Are you ever looking at a 20-30 foot putt during your round? And do you 3 putt because your first putt isn't close because your speed isn't right. If so, than this guide is made for you!

Grab your putter and head to the putting green. Make sure the green is fairly flat if possible. No hole is necessary but a target is required.

First – Set up roughly 30 feet away from the hole or target. Simply take your putter head back to your right toe using your normal putting stroke. Make your putt as your normally would. How far did your putt go? Walk off the distance, it should be around 20 feet.

Second – Get back into your normal putter stance. This time, take your putter head back 2-3 inches outside of your right foot. Make your normal stroke. Walk off the distance again. This time your putt should have gone roughly 30 feet.

Third – Make a third stroke. Take your putter head back 4-6 inches outside of your right foot. Make your normal stroke, this time your putt should have gone roughly 40 feet of distance.

This practice drill well help you learn distances based on your stroke length, not on your power. Matching distance to backstroke length is vital to making longer putts and most importantly getting close to prevent three putts. Practicing this drill will give you a measurable way to understand distance control on long and short putts.

THE CONCEPT: Use your putter stroke length to control your distance. Speeding up or slowing down your normal putter stroke is NOT the way to control your distance. A consistent tempo and rhythm for every putt will make this a more repeatable and fun part of your game!

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